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how does Jimmiroquai armor fit us bigger guys? does it fit?


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hey everyone

I just talked to Jim about his armor and whether or not it would fit me, so Im readching out here to get your input.  Ive asked my printer guys here and they all shrugged, they do not have anything that will print armor, so it looks like unless there is an ABS armor out there, Jim armor may be my option, IF it will fit me. 


So what are your expereinces? I typically wear between a 3x or 4x (which is often loose, it depends).   Is the armor as flexible as abs can be? we do not have any printed armor here, so I have nothing to go by as far as durability, weight, how to work it, etc.  its all plastic and rotocast resin in this Garrison. 


Thanks for the input. 

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I love Jim's armour but honestly feel it would be a struggle for larger frames. I'm 5'10" with a 41" chest and once it's on with tunic underneath I would consider it a form fit.

Jason at Intergalactic Supply offers abs kits. Kevin Weir at Imperial Surplus will be announcing a kit at some point in the future but not sure how far off.

Of the other abs kits out there - and there are a couple - I personally wouldn't recommend them based on what I've seen in terms of detail, etc.

For the record, the best currently available print files out there for the body armour can be found at www.mudtrooper.co.uk. 

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Thanks Darren . That tells me what I need right there especially since Ill have a tunic.   I got the info on the mudtrooper files over at the ACD (Freindly folks over there) and I will be investigating that. I didnt know IS makes kits, Ill hit Jason up.   He sent me some B grade Army helmets to review, those samples are as good as some makers A grade helmets. 

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