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Army trooper variant build

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Hey I’m back. I know it’s been a while but while I was waiting for my hard armor to come from Walts trooper factory I discovered some really cool fan art of an army trooper that I think I will make my kit off of. The trouble is that I can’t ID the chest rig the guy has on and I can’t really find where to buy the mudtrooper looking shin guards he has on. Any help would be appreciated.(currently trying to fix the photo link)

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I tried to open the pics, but its tied to an account and I cant see the pics. Can you use the Other Media feature at the lower right corner of the page and post the images here?  

Are you going for approval or for fun? I have both, and I really like my non approved stuff, making it as close to the real approved gear as possible. Check the mudtrooper part of the forum here and youll find theres several sources for the mud shin guards. 


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