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3D printed Shadow scout

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Sorry for long wait, I've been working on printing out pieces for my scout but have also had other projects on my printer. but for right now both my printers are printing pieces for the armor.

I ordered a flight suit and I know there will be some modifications to it but I'm more so curious if it'll work in general. if possible what some of the modifications would be



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the mods are to make it a bit tighter on you so its not baggy.  I flipped mine inside out and pinned it, then stitched along that line on the arms, and the legs.  You still need to be able to sit. 

Stand the collar up and make a flap to close the collar.  Trim down the legs where they fit inside the boots better. 

Then the standard round of scout parts, the mudflap, riding patches and the 50MM black elastic.  Mine was all white for snowscout but its exactly the same.  There are topics both here and on the TB forums on how to do the mods.  

If I may offer some constructive criticism, I suggest that the depressions/ holes at the hinge bolts be filled in, especially if you plan to go to L2 Specialist.  I really hope you go for Specialist, its more work  but in the end its worth it.  As you work if you shine a strong flashlight across the flat surface of the helmet you will see all low spots that need filler.  Bondo Glazing spot putty shrinks over time, but it works to fill in spots that size.  Other puttys such as BlueAcryl or even fiberglass resin dropped in will not shrink as much.  


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I can get that stuff done for the fight suit,

as far as the helmet goes, I think by the time this is all said and done I’ll probably reprint the whole helmet, and do it over again, there are a few things I’m not really happy with on it. And for whatever reason there isn’t plates on the air hole things on the back so I’ll have to add those too

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3 hours ago, RobC_TX1138 said:

Sorry to bother, but what 3D printer do you use, or at least what are the specs? I'm researching/shopping and want to  get one that has a build area and specs to handle printing helmet and armor parts.

I have and ender 3 8x8 bed and a cr10s 12x12 bed both creality.

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Nice. Still learning these new 3D prints rolling out.

Another critique on the bucket, the forehead and nose bridge should be either decals or flat surfaces and not actual indented vents.  Id also suggest (especially for durability as u will prob be lifting the visor as u put on/take off bucket) is to replace the 3D printed bolts with with either plastic or metal bolts…concave ones for Level 2

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