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My first AIT attempts. (C.C. welcomed)

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Hey All,


My 1st attempt at an AIT, with high boots and long gloves earlier CRL (Early War lol.) and my second attempt with bloused low boots and short gloves from a newer CRL (Mid war ;)) I still need to dye my gear, might have a hard time with the commuter boots as they've become very comfortable everyday boots lol. What is the modern accepted CRL say? I've seen the website but have heard different things from different people.

As always, constructive criticism welcome. Thank you.




image.png.1d6b9969d34342074aba25973d597bac.png     image.png.159fe0d393a76821f3c98ea5c6956a17.png

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High boots were initially accepted BUT after looking at the references used for the CRL no high boots were ever used by the IATs and so the shorter boot became the only acceptable option.

If you follow the CRL @Hoda posted u should be good

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Good morning, I apologize for getting to this late, but Ive been just a bit busy. 


The current, published CRL is always correct, regardless of what any one says. That is the only measure we have to grade by.  If you want to shoot for specialist look to the blue text in the CRL. 

There is a list of boots in this topic, so the boots shoud be available, there is another applicant doing Sunber and he just picked up boots a couple of weeks ago.  I agree that they are comfortable. 

Your gloves are pilot style, and will not be used for a IAT. The IAT gloves are a very short, green glove. 

It appears that your epaulettes are still attached, go ahead and remove those. Thats what I made my collar closure out of. 

If you havent seen it yet, here is the Vendor list. 

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spacer.pngA while back we tried to get another type of Army trooper, an officer, approved but we did not have enough resources.  To get a new type approved you must have a minimum of three matching sources, head to toe, showing 360* of the character.   Im really happy with it and how it turned out, but unless we see it in the newer comics or even the Disney series, It going to be a one-off for me. 


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