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Black jump suit

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2 hours ago, Wampa30 said:

Where is a good place to purchase the black jump suit for the army engineer?

this thread is pinned to the top of the general Imperial Army section

may want to give that section a look as a whole in case theres other items of interest to ya.  best wishes on ur build

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Micheal what exactly are you trying to figure out ? Any brand of black work coveralls will work. The conversion is extremely simple. Is it a particular size you are looking for, or is it doing the mod? I have the tutorial posted on how to do the mod. 

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I bought a black coverall from Amazon from the Natural Workwear brand and had my wife help me covert it to meet the CRL. She did it pretty easily with her sewing machine, moved the rear pockets to the legs for cargo pockets, upgraded the collar and we got some velcro from Joann's Fabrics at the mall. Got the patches from Endor Finders.

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