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Del Meeko helmet Question

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Hello. Sorry for the late answer. I will have to check out if he updated some things on his Helmets. As far as i can remember, his Helmets are OT TIE helmets. And those are not matching the CRL standards. I will check that out, just to be sure. 

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Okay. I've checked his latest post at the Inferno Squad FB Group. Its from June 2021 and the Helmet he showed has a total wrong shape. The quality is not really good, thanks to facebook down rendering, but you can see it already in its shape that this not an Inferno-, not even a R1 TIE based helmet. Inferno/Rogue One Helmets have more round shape. FB_IMG_1630232885133.thumb.jpg.001c89f2be862a432f453c4ed40ebb82.jpg


Here is the Inferno. You can see the difference of the shape


And just to make see the difference between the R1 Helmet (left) amd the OT TIE helmet (right)


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