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Mudtrooper Journey

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Hey there all, hope everyone is having an excellent day. I’ve been reading quite a lot about the Mudtrooper and I’m very interested in its roughed up look, weathered and all, but not too muddy. 

I’ve done some research and I’ve made a list of some possible suppliers of each individual item I’d need for basic approval. I still need to source the accurate buckles for all the places that need buckles (there’s a lot!), the vacuum hoses, and the paint for the armor and helmet. 

Random question, is it totally possible doing both Mudtrooper and ICAT Trooper with a few extra bits of different armor? I haven’t read much into that particular CRL but if it’s something that can be done I’ll definitely give it a go as well!


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Congrats on starting your jour way! 

it is 100% possible to do a two-for with the Muddie and ICAT. Many have. other than the helmet you’ll need different gloves and a neck seal for the ICAT but everything else is interchangeable. You’ll also want to consider more tempered weathering as I some Muddies are too heavily weather to consider the ICAT - myself included!


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Thanks for the warm welcome!


That is definitely good news then. I’ll be looking forward to be getting both sets of helmets along with the armor. It looks like a lot of work, but I’m sure with the help of the forum and you excellent people I’ll get it done in no time.


I took my first step into a larger world… bought an olive wool scarf for the Mudtrooper. This is getting exciting.


Any tips or pointers on where to find the correct shade of paint for the armor and helmets? Also, any pictures that you can share that shows what kind of buckles are used in the build? I’m thinking there are several that need to be tracked down 

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I am doing an ICAT myself, but not a mudtrooper, and while they consist of the primarily the same parts, there are fundamental differences beyond the helmet.   Dig into the work in progress topics for each of the troopers, especially the one written by rickboyblue , one of our pioneers.  You will get an information overload. 

The mudtrooper is MUCH MUCH ****MUCH**** dirtier.  The ICAT is a truck driver.   You may want to get your ICAT approved first, then go to town on the weathering on the MT.  Actually i am wearing my fully converted ICAT pants now, with the thigh patches. added  It turns out that the black Dickies 874 original fit black work pants with scabbed-on parts from Dickies flights suits not only fade perfectly, but are quite comfortable to wear during the day in South Louisiana September heat. There should be a vendor source list in the MT forum. I got my jacket made from JT in the Phillipines. Let me say that the jacket has PLENTY OF ROOM in it, so dont try to add any on your measurements. 

Im too big to fit in manufactured armor, so Ill be printing my own. I bought a printer, ive spent months researching, and I will start on it this fall once I have settings figured out. 


Im looking forward to your progress!

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Hey there everyone, hope all is doing well.

I‘m ready to go towards “Phase 2” and purchase the armor kit. I’m going with Jimmiroquai’s kit (also an ICAT troooer helmet). I

 I also need to buy the correct sized rubber hoses, plash palatka (pre-dyed, preferably) and most importantly, the correct paint for the armor.

I’ve got most of the things sourced out but I might still be missing a few.  How many paint cans of each color should I get? x2 Greens and x1 Grey or perhaps more?

Any good E-10 Blaster kits out there? I’ve heard scary stories about 3D printed blasters bending and losing shape and, since I live in the Caribbean and it’s always hot, I really want something that can last. 

I still haven’t figured it out how to upload pictures, but once I do, I’ll make sure to do so because I’ve got tons, and I’m just getting started.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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Hello, Juan! I'd always do more cans than you need just so that if you run out or there is an issue with the paint then you have them. Probably for the primary color I'd say 3 or 4 and then the secondary color to be 1 or 2. That is what I found with my R1 tanker and allowed for a few coats of the white on the armor plus some to fix stuff later.

As far as 3D prints go, there are different types of filament that people use that can yield different results for temperature. As with most plastic based stuff you are going to want to watch the heat aspect of it, especially ABS. I haven't seen issues with people trooping with the plastic warping but I have seen people have big time problems leaving plastic in a hot car or garage.

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I don’t have a lot to update, there are still stone unfinished details I need to adress before submitting my ICAT, but as we speak, my Mudtrooper helmet is it’s way here and all the remaining details that are needed are in hand, just need to sit down one day and get everything ready. 

Here’s how the armor’s looking so far:

I had the opportunity of wearing it at a local con for a few hours and everything was smooth sailing except the shoulder straps sometimes popping out of place (rubber, Jim’s kit)


Will try to update this once my helmet arrives7CF90F5B-DC6A-46A3-8DD3-1E20E35F3664.thumb.jpeg.7a8ae63e6066947402e4d43a5c10ab2c.jpeg



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