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Mython's Imperial Army Engineer kit

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Mython's Imperial Army Engineer


Black Officers Hat w/ Code Disk - Wampa Wear

Black Imperial Army Jumpsuit/Coveralls (not flightsuit style) - Natural Workwear from Amazon

Imperial Army Patch - Endor Finders

Black Gloves (wrist length) - Hatch SG20P Dura-Thin Police Duty Glove

Black Web Harness - Custom made from 2" nylon straps from Joann's Fabrics, belt clips from Melo Tough

Black Web Belt w/ Grommets - Condor GI Style Pistol Belt

Black MOLLE Belt Pouches - Condor MOLLE Modular Pouches

Black Commuter Boots - Totes Stadium Weatherproof Boots

Welding Goggles - Ram-Pro Black Welding Goggles

E-11 Blaster - Hasbro upgraded with Doopydoo kit

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On 10/5/2021 at 9:38 AM, Blackwatch said:

Steven it looks to me like you are off to an awesome start!!!!   Now lets bring it home, get you approved and get  you set up as L2 Specialist! 

Thank you! I'll start looking into that, also interested in the Sapper, talking with Intergalactic Supply about doing a black helmet for me.

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Glad to hear that. As far as I know there are only two of us, myself and Neil.  Neil had his pack 3d printed by Crooknight and it took him weeks to get it sanded out once it arrived.  I made my pack and shovel entirely out of Sintra in a couple of days. You can see both of ours in our respective work tabs. Jasons helmet seems a bit small to me, he sent me B grade samples, which I reviewed in these forums. Quality was TOP NOTCH. I emailed him back to ask if he actually sent me B grades to review. 

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