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Question regarding quality and accuracy of armor from different vendors

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I'm working on a Death Trooper build, weighing the pros and cons of each builder.  Right now I'm trying to decide between the full set from Jimmy Tipon and the one from Armor Shop Props.  Between the two it seems like the price is a wash since Jimmy doesn't offer his finished and shipping is pretty high.   Can anyone attest to the quality of each set as far as accuracy, durability, etc?

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The first question is: how long are you willing to wait?

I waited 7 months for my Armory Shop Props kit to arrive plus an addtional 3 months for the missing cod piece. You have to be very patient when ordering at ASP, BUT the kit is very nice and worth its money. You´ll have to do a lot of trimming and strapping (although its finished), but there´s no kit out there "ready out of the box". The paint job on the ASP kit is stunning and couldn´t be better.

On the other hand I don´t have experience with the kit from Jim, but I can say he´s very fast! I ordered the soft parts for my ICAT Driver from him and they took roundabout four weeks from order to deliver (international shipping Phillipines to Germany!) AND he always replied very fast to my questions, what I always missed a bit with ASP.

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I compared both and I'm going to have to go with everything but the undersuit from Jim, and buying the undersuit from Dark Side Closet from facebook.  Pricing it that way I can buy 97% of what I need for my specialist build - armor, helmet, undersuit (Albeit from different vendor), chest rig, belt, pouches, etc, etc - for much less than I can buy just the armor and helmet from ASP.   I'm not looking forward to finishing it myself, but I do already own an airbrush for miniature painting if that's a valid strategy.

Both sets look quite nice when finished so I guess I'll find out.

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Would likely be pretty tedious tackling the armor with a mini's scale airbrush (though I did use mine for the E11D barrel). Another option some have used is take it to a local automotive paint shop and have them paint it gloss black. That way you only have to mask and paint the alternating panels.


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