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SWTOR Imperial Soldier Blaster

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Hey all, 


Starting to look into doing an Imperial Trooper from SWTOR.

Mainly I am trying to recreate the ones seen in the cinematics and not the actual game ones. I like the look of the cinematics ones a lot more!

Weirdly enough based on what I could find, the cinematic Imperial Troopers use a variant of the Republic Command Carbine as seen in the game. Note the below pictures

Blaster Angle.pngRepublicCommandCarbine1.pngBlaster Right 4.png


Currently working on 3D modeling of the blaster and will post updates here! I will include all reference photos I have gathered so far.

Blaster Left.png

Blaster Right 2.png

Blaster Right 3.png

Blaster Right 5.png

Blaster Right.png

Blaster Top.png

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