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SWSheets Character?

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I stumbled across this today and was hoping someone could educate me on what it is exactly.  I don't play the game it's from (Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars RPG).  Could this be turned into a CRL?  That is to say, are these characters based in any sort of useable canon?  This guy looks rad from the image and thought I'd explore.  TIA!



EDIT: Here is a second reference after a reverse image search.



EDIT: And after a little more digging, the original artist is Brian Matyas from a website called Artstation.  Which makes me think it's just concept fan art that has worked its way into the role playing games. 

EDIT: Actually, Brian Matyas is a Senior Concept Designer for Lucasfilm.  So maybe there's SOME merit to this as a costume?

In any case, I welcome any discussion /insight.  Thanks again!


Imperial Concepts

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@SpaceWelder I definitely think that it looks cool!

Are there any other angles of the costume or publications in official Star Wars books, games, publications, etc.? Artwork would have to be out of something that is LFL official and would also have to include front/back/side images. We'd need all of those references before we could even consider bringing it to the LMOs to see if it'll be accepted or not at the Legion level.

This website has some good intel as far as stuff like this goes, under Costume Approval, and also what we'll follow: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLGuide


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i like the fact that this is being described as an imperial engineer.  If we can come up with three views, and details of the pack he is wearing, we can work from there. 

then it will come down to the amor and helmet, which looks like a scout helmet without the brow. 

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