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Coating for interior of Death Trooper armor?

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Just received my DT armor kit from Jim Tripon.  It looks great and I'm excited to work on it.  However...  I put the thigh piece on my bare leg just to see how well it fits and man did it ever scratch the hell out of me.  Left countless invisible cuts like I had been crawling around in insulation.  I grabbed some sand paper and went to work on it, which helped a lot but boy is there a lot of surface area to cover.  Is there anything I can just spray to coat the inside to resolve this issue or am I stuck with sanding?

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Ditto to what Dan suggested. I have a Jimmi kit as well and by coating the inside of the pieces it will also save on the wear and tear of your undersuit and gaskets. 

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One thing to keep in mind when using PlastiDip is that it's a liquid rubber so adhering things over it will present issues down the line. Before you apply plastidip over your armor pieces, make sure you've glued everything you need to, like rigging equipment, onto the armor.

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On 4/16/2022 at 2:42 AM, Lt. Dan said:

I went with "Plasti Dip", a kind of sprayable liquid rubber which worked well. But sanding at first is a must to shorten the fine glasfiber hairs.



If so, then what a confusing description.  "Can be permanent or removable"  Those seem pretty mutually exclusive to me...  

@Lt. Dan Did you do a single coating of this or some other strategy to make it more permanent?

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1 hour ago, Tiderion said:

Did you do a single coating of this or some other strategy to make it more permanent?

I backed the inside of my armor additionally with coats of fiberglas and then sprayed Plastidip on it. Due to the very rough surface it holds excellent. Currently, I have not yet noticed any noticeable wear. Plastidip is only easy to remove on smooth surfaces, then you can peel it off from the edge.

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