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Army Trooper WIP

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I am starting an Imperial Army Trooper so I have a costume that is lighter weight and allows me to assist my armored troopers during events. I will be starting off with the Version 2 and eventually move to Version 1. I do have some sewing skills so I will borrow a machine from a friend to put it together. 

Hat: Currently sourcing

Jumpsuit: I have the pattern and tools to make it, but sourcing the fabric. 

Harness: Pending arrival of materials. 

Belt: Obtained at surplus store. 

Pouches: Obtained at surplus store. 

Boots: Currently sourcing. 


The pouches may be custom made so I can fit my medical gear inside them as I function as a medic during our troops. If I can dissect an old IFAK, I might make one in the IAT color scheme. 

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@Blackwatch I am having some difficulty sourcing fabric for this build as it's not a common fabric. I am looking at various sources of Drill/Twill and the CRL shows a dark olive color. Which I am curious is the suit supposed to be dark olive or Olive Drab (OD Green)? 

Once I get the fabric I can also get the hat going from an online source for the pattern. 

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The suit is supposed to be olive green, that said, when David took his photos the studio lighting changed the color of the suit. Its olive in its various shades. I used the CDCR suit, and even in their own photos under studio lights it looks wonky.  My collar conversion came from the epulettes I took off, so I know its definitely a LE style coverall, those arent present on US military coveralls. 

Here is my suit in normal, convention hall light, and again outside just now. 


For further comparison of different makers, here are Blackskull and myself. His is newly completed and I believe its the Galls coverall, but it may be the US Navy coveralls "VINTAGE US NAVY OD COVERALLS UTILITY OLIVE GREEN NSN 8405-01-395-1135 "  which is linked in the forum vendor list, but that particular item is sold. You would look for the same NSN number online. 


One more item to look at, which may be useful, is this link from Camolots. I am not sure about the lower leg details from how bad this picture is. There should not be any extra zippers etc unless its on a pocket that is easily removed, and this collar could be easily converted per my collar tutorial, or by adding a strip of fabric from the bottom of the leg. 


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