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Would these boots be ok to use for the deathrooper?

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5 hours ago, GeorgiosHD said:


There is a couple of issues I can see, one is the matte finish of the boots, two the yellow stitching, and a couple of other things like the pattern of the shoe is different on the sides.

@Chaos @Lt. Dan do you have any thoughts on how this boot might be altered to work?

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As above stated from @nanotek, way too much issues with this boots. Here, the effort of reworking would exceed the benefit in my opinion. If you don´t want to go with the "Killer" from IB, try searching the Doc Martens "Talib". These are pretty much around, easy to modificate and level 1 appropiate.

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@GeorgiosHD I wish Doc would produce the Jared's and Talibs again.

IB does make the Killer boot series, you might want to contact Gio at Crow Props, he has started making a DT boot as well, he can even do the larger sizes.

What size boot are you needing? Doc run about 1/2 size smaller than your normal shoe size.

I have a pair of Talibs in US Men's 10 or EU 43.

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