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Sith Jet Trooper

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I've just joined the ranks of the 501st Legion. 

I am starting the build of a Sith Jet Trooper outfit and this costume does not show up in the 501st Legion Costuming Reference Guide.

I have my helmet.

It's very similar to the Sith Trooper costume with a different helmet, front & back armor and jet pack.

Any guidance would be appreciated for a newbie.


IMG_2925 sm.JPG

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Hey! And welcome! I was going to reach out to see if anyone was building this costume as I would like to see the CRL done this term. We are most certainly here to help you, but before we get started, I’ll confirm with the LMO team that we have enough reference material to get started! If you have any additional references to add I am more than glad to see them. 

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Greetings nanotek

Good to meet you. I am a total newbie when it comes to Star Trek cosplay.  I think it’s kind of funny of the hundreds of costumes in the Star Trek universe, I picked the one that has no costume guidelines in the 501st Legion. ?

I look forward to observing the process of establishing the CRL.

 I presently cosplay in a Iron Man MK47 suit and a MK1 War Machine Punisher suit.

I’ve been a closet Trekkie for many years so this Sith Jet Trooper suit will be my coming out of the closet project. ?

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Greg, Welcome to the Forum. I like the Sith Jet Trooper, it is a shame that in the Trek World any person wearing red is eventually killed in every episode, lets hope you survive longer than the other Red Shirts.


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