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GeorgiosHD'S Death Trooper WIP

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And here I embark on my third (technically Fourth) Build for the 501st legion with the First being Snowtrooper, the second being Mimban Officer, ( The third being and Eweb turret Handmade from the ground up) and now this fine piece of imperial engineering.



My Build:

Helmet/Armor Kit was ordered on 05/22/2022 From 850 Armor works https://850armorworks.com/Death-Trooper-Costume-Armor-KIT-p145019948

Assembly will commence on receipt of the kit.

Full Build Wip: https://imgur.com/gallery/opLIYHc


The thigh pieces have been a bitch to assemble...and i just have to strap it and finish the belt and we are ready to rock and roll.


Undersuit/necksuit/apron/gaskets/corset, Boot covers and 3 canvas pouches Were Ordered from Jim Tripon on 05/02/2022 and arrived on 05/19/2022 pictures to be added soon.



Balaclava (Already Own one)



Gloves Were ordered from Endor FInders on 05/22/2022 https://www.endorfinders.com/shop/rogue-one-trooper-gloves



Belt leather pouch was ordered of 05/22/2022 from 850 armor works https://850armorworks.com/Death-Trooper-Leather-Pouch-p254138282


Boots are Doc marten Cairo Casual Boots the yellow stitching will be colored black and the logo on the back heel will be removed. https://www.drmartens.com/ca/en_ca/cairo-leather-casual-shoes/p/26180001


  • Helmet Audio System Already own a chatter system that i mukked up for my snowie and a loud speaker system for my officer, will likely use the chatter box for the DT as well and not use the DT standard chatter system for ease of use. at least while i get used to the costume.
  • Helmet Cooling System
    - Most likely will design my own system as ive done in the past for other costumes.
  • For the holster on the belt, I'm building it myself as I have the available materials and the know how to make it in short order. Pictures will be provided soon.
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