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Armour Design: TX Shadow Trooper vs ANH TK

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Hi All, my name is Lyndon and I'm based in Australia.
I am considering a TX Shadow Stormtrooper for my first build with the aim of 501st approval for trooping.

I have the option of getting ANH TK armour pulled in black ABS. I am researching to try and understand if the TX Shadow Stormtrooper is 'essentially' a TK in an alternate colour scheme? My question is, is there any structural difference in the armour pieces that I need to consider?

So far I am not noticing any difference between the CRLs as far as the design of the armour, but I'm new to it and I won't see the details I'm missing.

Hoping for some advice, if acquiring the ANH TK in black is a suitable way to go?

Any and all advice appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Hello and welcome to Spec Ops Lyndon!  Thank you for posting and asking what is actually a great question. 


We have really worked to line up the TK variants so that (when the parts actually do match) they are worded very closely, if not the same, so there is little to no confusion when building it. Other than lens colors, and any other special adornments like tube stripe colors, the text descriptions should match up.  Always double check as your proceed.  CRLS are living, breathing documents and change.  Anytime there is a question, definitely ask.  As you research more here in the forums, youll notice various vendors called out, and in time these will make more sense. Things can be a little overwhelming at first, just take it slow, and check all the references we have. It will make sense pretty quick.  Again, welcome to the Spec Ops forums. 

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Agreed with what @Blackwatch said. If you are going to get a ANH TK pulled in black just be sure to compare all details to that of the CRL to verify prior to committing on anything. I hate seeing people lose money because they didn't ask good questions.

Best of luck!

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