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Fabric recommendation?

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Good afternoon all....

Hopefully a new trooper soon....

SO.... long story, I used to be a Snow Scout with a very heavy/thick set of white coveralls....
Due to my health, it no longer fits... and I just can't do a full face helmet anymore....

I am looking at doing the IA Engineer, and will be sewing my own hat/coveralls.... partly
to accommodate edema in my legs... but also to better my sewing skills.... and because I am
a chunky trooper....

My question is though.... what type of fabric would be recommended for sewing the coveralls/hat?

I assume they would need matching fabric.... what do you suggest?

Thanks ahead of time!!!!!



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Welcome Matt


Its typical coverall stuff, so twill is fine.  If you are up to the challenge of sewing this, its actually a simple suit. You can use the typical coverall patterns, and make the stand up collar with neck strap and snap.  There are only chest pockets with flaps, and leg pockets with flaps.  My black suits are off the shelf black coveralls, Im a big guy too and I hae a LOT of coveralls since I cant wear armor (other than TI/TA/TS). 

The hat is the ever typical Officer style hat, but I wear mine US Army style, backwards under my Sapper helmet.  So, its NOT one of those SUPER CRISP hats. Mines been to hell and back, and it shows. You can use the same twill for the hat, but this is not an officer uniform.  The hat in the CRL is the standard WIKI hat that is used on all our CRLs so it says suiting material.  Talk to your GML about which will be approved.  Mine is a OLD Runya Jade hat, so its been around a LONG time and been through the washer a few times.

In this topic you will find the vendor "buy" list.  When you set your gear up, set it up to Level 2 from the beginning.  I really want all of our Army troopers to achieve specialist. 

This really is a simlple, lower cost uniform.  Hoda has a topic here on boots, and Kessel did as well, so theres a lot of resources there.  


Best of luck! 





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