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Bozzys 3D updates post

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So i've been working on the Aldahni blaster which i think i'm ready to drop this weekend all being well. 

But i've been tinkering with a few more things for the Mud/ICAT/Aldhani .

So i'm more known for my Modding of Sean Fields Mudtrooper files BUT this chest file you see below is all my own work ... full redesign from the ground up.  I feel it corrects some of the inaccuracies of the original and modded versions. It was quite the learning curve.

The back armour is still SF but ive wedded it together with the back pack into one piece and made the side parts longer to allow velcro binding.. The collar has had a slight tweak of a flat surface to the rear of the collar. 

Also using the measurements posted on this forum i've made some Belt boxes that are in test print. 


Thats all for now folks. 



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would this new file work wth the box inserts in the back? I have all that  printed, and Im not opposed to running a new print for the new back and chest parts knowing that these would align properly with velcro. 

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Yes the backpack parts are the same as with previous versions and will work. The main difference with the back armour is the side parts ( although ive combined the armour and backpack into one piece that will be split into 4 parts for ease of print) 

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