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sam's imperial army trooper ( WIP )

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Hi Everyone 

i was wondering with that i have been done so far i was wondering is there anything i can do to improve

( i am aware the caps not right and i now am missing the side pockets )

IMG_0065 2.jpeg

IMG_0064 2.jpeg



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Hi Jankes 

thank you so much well to tell the truth i have been looking at other peoples wips for a quite a bit of time i never got round to making account and i have found it to be very useful and been using it to help to create my army trooper. 


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Now it's painting time! So you know about incorrect cap and pockets, you have to paint your boots, and remove the tag. I'm not sure about your gloves, definetly it's too big for your hand.

After completing the proper headgear and painting the shoes, it will probably be a good base for the entry level. It would be nice if you could send more detailed photos of your equipment.
I recommend hiding the harness hooks on the lower edge of the main belt. It definitely looks better.
Hint 1: It's not mandatory, but I strongly recommend painting your equipment with the same paint. It looks very nice in my opinion. I did it with my gear and @SirCalcium followed the same path.
Hint 2: If you're going somewhere, go to the top. I sincerely recommend following the "Specialist" direction, i.e. filling the CRL recommendations with blue.



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Thanks Krzystof! 

I concur, your gear will look much better if you paint it all to be the same shade and it matches.  All of my gear is painted, then weathered with mud.

The gloves do seem large and they have what looks like padding on the fingers that is not appropriate.

you have a lot of excess strap so you can drop the hooks on the straps to the bottom of the belt, or even take the hooks off and loop the webbign around the belt to hold it then run it back through the triglides. Drop the triglides down below the pocket and that will help hold the belt. 

The back pouch straps are dangling, for your L2 approval Id like to see those straps secured so they do not dangle. 

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Got to follow what Krzystof and David said, get your parts painted.

The IAT green is Montana Gold Olive Green, but along with that I'd recommend getting some Montana Gold Universal Primer, and it may be a good idea to get some adhesion promoter because sometimes just universal primer along won't stick, and of course give it time to dry!

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yea thanks to tell the truth i was not quite sure how you go about painting the belt but in terms of the boot i was thinking of using angelus olive green acrylic leather paint but am not to use if i have to rube them done first.

and @Blackwatch for the help with my h harness yea i have been told the gloves look big but they actually fit very well and i have found away to hide the clips 

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On 3/4/2023 at 10:06 PM, sammychuk said:



Sam, whilst I did encourage you to post here, don't forget to keep your WIP on the Garrison forum updated, since that's where you get officially cleared 





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