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Where do I start with Weir's helmet?

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I have zero experience with costuming like this, but I've decided I want to create General Weir. It's mostly for personal use (I run a Star Wars DND campaign with him as the main antagonist and think it would be fun for my friends), but I can see myself joining the legion in the future if I really fall in love with the process.

I want to start small and just use the helmet, but I have no idea where to start at all. Do I buy a base or get STL files to print off? Where do I get the red for the eye lenses?

Any support is appreciated - and, like I said, I have no experience at all so explain it to me like I'm five or something, if that's OK.

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Hi Mitchell,

Where in the world are you based?

Quite a few of the Shadow Scouts are ABS mould kits. 

In Europe, the likes of Chelf's creations, RS props or RWA creations produce a great ABS kit. They also do the armour parts.

In the US, there are other armour manufacturers, but I'm not certail which ones offer the scout armour.

I know you can get stl files & print the armour. Hopefully someone here can point you in the right direction for that.

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Welcome @SefriusseDM! Ditto to everything mentioned by @Dropkick regarding armor.  This is our vetted scout parts list (thanks in large part to our biker friends over at Pathfinders)…no 3d printed files there however, though i know several standard bikers and shadows have been approved using 3d files   will research some for ya.

The bandolier boxes/greeblies, we have files for those here: 

EDIT: These are the 3 approvable files they list at Pathfinders:


Jesus Salmeron (helmet)


I will check w my friend who got approved using 3d files as well

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I have the Mr Poopie files (free for the asking, send him a message on the Pathfinders boards) and they look like fine files. My nose is crushed in my Spike ABS helmet so I just sold it off. If you print, you can size the files to you. Vacform pulls tend to run small ,much smaller than me which is why I dont have a regular Scout. 

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