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Val's scarf source question (solved)

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 I was wondering if anyone can help locate the scarf used for this version. I done some research, but everyone I have found so far been the wrong shade of color, them being more a actual vibrant red then the apple red mentioned in the crl. The only one I kindof found that looked correct, at least on the internet, is about 300 USD and made of cashmere which is the wrong material and way more then I willing to put into this costume. That price tag is more than what I paid for my kit at the time.

Any help locating this is welcome.

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Hello Shane welcome to the forum! 

Do us a HEWJ favor so you can get a bit more access, and make sure to make a new post at the recruit  welcome topic.


AFA the scarf, I would look at blanket material. Cashmere sounds odd, but start looking at blankets. I jus looked at her images again and its a fairly tight weave, not loose and open and not hairy like cashmere.  You may even find some blizzard fleece, or even try dying blizzard fleece, to that shade. 



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