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Andor trooper fabric comparison photo request

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As we move forward and finalize our CRL and attempt to gather more vendors for soft goods, I ask for good close up photos of your soft parts.  We need pics in great light, maybe outside, that shows the texture and weave of the fabric. This will ultimately become part of the Gallery feature to help people with their new builds. 

Can you also let us know who made it, if you went through a vendor, or if you made it yourself and what fabric you used. 


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You all have my photos :)

Maker: KeepTrooping/ImperialBoots

Custom Rit Dye as described here: https://forum.specops501st.com/topic/8801-dye-testing-rit-brand-aldhani-soft-goods

If you need outdoor photos, I can get some more in the near future (maybe this weekend)








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3 hours ago, Wasrovv Slociw said:

Like what @TeaJay did for his uniform. Used it with hot water to dull the green to make it less green saturated and have a more worn-look.

Exactly! It pulls out some excess dyes that didn't fully adhere to the fabric and adds a bit of a weathered effect lightening up high spots on the uniform around the pocket flaps, etc. Not required, but adds a good worn-in look just as Daniel mentions.

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On 4/23/2023 at 1:26 PM, jason745 said:

Dylon Olive Green machine pod on the IB/KeepTrooping kit:


Photo taken indoors. Slightly yellow light.


FYI - I received L1 approval yesterday on "Version One" of the IAT: Andor kit with the KT soft goods and Dylon Olive Green pod.


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