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ACJay's ABS Nova2.0

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Wasn't sure if I should restart my old build or start a new therad. Guess you all know what I went with. So here goes. Got my new kit at Wizard World today and it is SHINY! The chest/back and torso fit very nicely without any shims. Just need some trimming over the collar bone area. Everything else is Huge on me Bleh. Lots and lots of careful trimming will be necessary.


Got a pack coming from Dirty Boy at MEPD soon as all parts come in as well as one of Baron's fine High Gloss HIPS helmets. The current helmet is also way to big for my 5'10" 200lb frame. I'd look like the Tie Fighter in some of my build threads if I wore it.


I also need to buy some buttons and a shiny material soft belt. Any suggestions on where to find shiny material for the belt would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:


Got a long road ahead and only a month before Star Tours so time to really get to work. :blink:





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Awesome bro! ...but.....technically.....shouldn't you change your avatar? bah, whatever...you're going to do a hell of a job and create a new Nova to be reckoned with.... can't wait to see your progress... if you could.....take as many pics as you can of your build to be helpful to future troopers...and lastly......have fun!!!

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ACJay - Good luck with your build.


My second kit was much easier - had the tools, the tricks, etc.

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What prompted this reboot?


I wanted to be able to make specialist requirements so I was going to make the necessary modifications to my original armor set but then I saw Defiance's ABS armor in person and just had to have ABS. The gloss is simply breathtaking. So here I am :teehee:

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The neckseal I ordered for my original costume just came in (9 months later). It does look great though and will suit my new armor nicely. :thumbsup:



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OK did a little work. Got one shin together and wanted to see what everyone thinks before moving on to the other shin. Does it look acceptable?






I used the blue tape method to mark off measurements where I would trim the shins.




I really didn't measure so much as eyeball where I thought the trim line would go and it worked out. I took all the return edge off of the bottom of the shins for the boots to fit in properly and most of the return edge of the top. I'm not totally against return as it gives a "thickness" to the plates in some areas but is just a pain (pinching) in other areas. I removed the return on top only far enough to match up with the small rise in the calf itself as shown in this picture.








I did this because I figured if I went further there would be open space between my upper shin area and the armor itself due to the small rise deeper into the piece. I clamshelled the shin and have not put a strip over it yet. I was wondering if the strip is a requirement or if it looks good as is.


I also worked on the left bracer. I again eyeballed and blue taped for the trimline. didn't reove any return on this peice and clamshelled it as well. I will be using velcro on the bottom half and if required will put a strip over the top clamshell.




I was also wondering if anyone knows what to do about some Rebel E6000 that ended up on the side of the bracer?




Finally, I worked on the chest and backplate. Pulled some of the return off the trap area so I could fit the two pieces flush together. I ended up using industrial velcro to attach the two peices. On my original armor the pieces could not tough but with the extra room of this larger set I decided to make a semi-permanent bond between the two pieces. The straps will go over this area and start at the ends of the blue tape pictured.








I am planning on still using my canvas harness setup to hold the armor just above my shoulders to keep the weight off the plastic but I figured why cutoff the plastic in the traps when I could have the extra reinforcement.

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for e6000 left overs i just rub it off till its off ^^;

What she said. Just use your fingers and the friction with heat it up enough that it will peel away. Doesn't take too much effort. It's why I love the stuff. It's stays put until you want to remove it.


As far as the shin goes, I would trim he back "overlap" to match the width of the front, if possible.



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Sorry for hardly any updates and even less in progress pics guys. I've been working like a mad man evenings mostly. In order to even have time to work on my armor I've been getting up before sunrise (kid rise) and doing as much as I can. Haven't had much as far as time for pics or even surfing forums. But here's some I took last night. All I got left is the right Calf, left Thigh and the Belt. Then it's a waiting game for the pack a helmet. Good correspondence so far on the pack. It should be sent any day now. Unfortunately no feedback on the lid so I'm starting to get worried about my deadline.









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Hey brother, you all done with this? My GML mentioned that a new nova was approved on the GML boards and that it looked really good. I assumed it was you. That or we have a mystery Nova that hasn't announced themselves on the Det boards.

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Just got the pack kit today. Gonna throw it together tomorrow and probably paint it as well. Helmet should be here any day this week :thumbsup:

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Legs are done, just making them comfy now. Pack is 95% finished I'll have pics up later today. And yes I'm waiting on Baron's bucket. It should be here any time his week. It hit US customs last thursday or wednesday in New York so any day now :thumbsup:

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looks like a bunch of vacuum cleaner parts thrown together :))


Hey Buddie those are screen-accurate Vacuum cleaner parts to you :teehee:

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