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Purge Trooper Phase 2 CRL

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I'm new to the Spec Ops forum, but have built an approved Del Meeko costume.  I've been working on building out the Phase 2 Purge Trooper armor and have the majority of the build completed. I've based it on photos and videos sourced from the Prop house that built the costume used in the Kenobi Series. I'm looking to start coordinating the CRL outline to post for the 501st requirements. What is the first step in the process and is there a certain group or person that would lead this out?

Purge Angle.jpg

Purge pauldron .jpg

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Hi Scott, welcome from another Del, and thanks for jumping in to the discussion.  We have made a short start to the CRL in the pinned thread below:

Up until recently we hadn't had a builder actively engaging with the CRL discussion here on the forum, so other CRL developments with builders have taken a little more priority (we can't finish a CRL without the participation of builders, and it makes the whole process run a lot smoother).  However, if you're happy to jump in and take part in the process along with our other recently arrived builder to jumpstart this, please do!  We generally work from a top down basis, not moving onto the next part of the kit until we have a consensus that the previous part is finalised.  Once the text for a part is finalised, it will be added into the pinned CRL post.  So in the discussion thread above, you'll see we have some draft text going for the helmet.  If you have any feedback on that, please jump in with any changes, removals or additions you can suggest.  If you can post up relevant photos of your own build to highlight points, please do.

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Thanks Daniel, I'm more than happy to dig in and lead out the discussion to move the CRL forward so that we can post it to the Legion Library for others to reference. I like the top down approach to keep things focused and efficient. I saw a great outline format in another CRL discussion for the Andor Imperial Security Officer requirements that I think would be good solution to follow. I'll post it back into the main thread discussion and see what everyone thinks. I look forward to working on this.

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On 3/1/2024 at 7:04 AM, jakebullet said:

Hi, are there any other vendors selling these kits yet, the shipping to the UK in particular is a killer!

Attempt to contact jintaprops😁

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