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Tragix's Purge Comander Build

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Greetings, Spec Ops! 

The Purge Trooper costume stood out to me from the launch of Fallen Order, and with recently playing through Jedi Survivor, i've decided to go all-in on building one for myself :)

Purchase the realistic clone armor in black from 850 Armor Works along with their helmet. 

Boots will be from Crowprops

Pauldron from Trooper Bay

Hoping to build the kama on my own, once the armor is fit and sized

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Great stuff, and a beautiful kit!

Do keep an eye on our Page 1 Electrostaff CRL discussion thread:

We're currently revising all the Phase 1 CRLs, so just keep an eye on any changes you see there that might be relevant to the commander too. If you have any questions, just ask 🙂

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Thank you! I was aware of that thread, but I wasn't sure when those updates would be considered 'done'.

I was told there is 6 month grace period after any CRL changes where the costumes can still be approved pre-changes, is that correct? My plan is to go for basic approval as the CRL is written today, and then make adjustments as I troop with the costume :)

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Yes, you're correct that there's a grace period alright. It wouldn't be at all fair on members who spend months on a costume only to find the CRL changed right before they finished.

The changes won't become official until the revisions go live on the main website anyway, and that's still a fair way away. We'll finish the Electro trooper first, then we'll move on to the commander. So you should be fine, but don't hesitate to reach out any time if you're unsure of anything, or if your GML has questions regarding the update when you finally come to clear it.

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Helmet arrived yesterday from 850 Armor Works. Did a rough cut out of the visor area with an oscillating tool and will go back in with a metal file to smooth out that area. Kit also includes 3d printed details which aren't pictured here. 

Planning on cutting out the vent areas and replacing with mesh, too. 


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Helmet assembled and ready to prime/paint. 


I don't love how the cast came out compared to in-game reference, but all the noted features are there. I will like end up printing a more accurate one after the build is done.


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Hit a small snag with the armor 😧

My plan of attack was to dissolve some of the abs scrap into a slurry to fill my seams. However, the paste turned out grey. It looks like the initial dyeing may not have fully penetrated the ABS, and so it's not _actually_ black?


Broke out the bondo over the weekend and begun sanding/priming/filling. Getting fairly close on a few pieces, but the small low spots are driving me a bit crazy 😅


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