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Question about the boots

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Hello everyone!

My name is Cyprian, I am from Poland and I aspire to get a level two certificate of an Imperial Army Trooper cosplay. I've been gathering the necessary equipment for quite a while, and by far, I've managed to get almost all the required elements, such as pouches, googles, gloves and harness (I shall update the photos soon). Helmet is supposed to be sent to me within a week, uniform is also being prepared with a great help from @Jankes, who has been an immense help for me. But I've got a question, I just received boots I found available in my country (sadly majority from this thread: https://forum.specops501st.com/topic/7627-looking-for-commuter-style-boots are either unavailable, or the costs of shipment combined with the price for the boots itself are making this a disproportional expense). So, what do you think about this model? Do they fulfil the necessary requirements, or should I keep looking for something better suited?

Here are all of the photos: https://imgur.com/a/xHe04hI

Here some more important ones: 

365457037_659484426125047_1549477591258805386_n.jpgXD jpg.jpg364810274_1321781858446116_8348963347439368040_n.jpg364673624_2314429162097068_4534654509176678593_n.jpg

 Thank you for the help!

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