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Question on Boots for IAT - Andor

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Hello everyone, 

I am a new recruit hopefully to join the 501st Canadian Garrision  , I am building the Imperial army Trooper - Andor and have most of the parts but just questioning on the boots.

I found these boots on the epic militiria site and thought they looked close.   also do the boots have to have a buckle? ( i have an old pair of motorcycle boots that look the part but no buckle.)

thanks for your input!





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Hey Brosio - best person to check on applicability would be your local GML - have you connected with them yet?

Re strap on top - CRL states you MAY have one but not required.

Again, check in with your GML! 

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Sorry to reply so late to this  have been buried for weeks. 

Yes your GML will be the approval person, 


THAT SAID, we encourage you go to for Specialist approval, 

  • Calf high black leather or leather like material.
  • Free of laces, decorative stitching, buckles on the instep or any other embellishments.
  • If seams are present on the shaft, they are at the rear only.
  • Boots may have a single adjustment strap at the top outside of the boot, with the buckle no wider than 1" (25.4mm).
  • This need not be functional.
  • Jackboot buckles should not be shiny/can be painted dingy grey or gun-metal color.
  • Zippers on the inside of the boot are acceptable, so long as they are concealed.
  • If the zipper is not covered by vinyl/ leather, it is painted black.
  • German “jack boot” style boots are most canon.


OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable):
  • Boots are made of leather.


We MAY be changing the text on the boot to remove or modify the line "jack boot is most canon" since we have realized that the Bundes boot is more correct. But until that change is made, which may not be for a while (if it happens) what is posted is what we go by. 


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