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Inferno chestbox

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Hi guys,

Do you know where I could find a finished chestbox (no kit) for my del meeko? The only one I found is on Jinta but there is no stock and they don't answer to my messages. 

And if someone have an opinion on inferno hard parts by Jinta, it could be help me to choose for my futur helmet and armor. Thanks again !

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Hi again Jérémy,

I'm actually working at the moment on bringing our list of vendors up to date.  Jinta Props is the only one I've found so far listing a finished chest box, though you could try asking Jim Tripon whether he offers them.  You can find him with a quick Facebook search.

Let us know how you get on with your search.

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Hey tipperaryred ! 

I was in contact with Jim for the tactical c'est and the filghsuit (already ordered) and I asked him already for the chestbox. He doesn't make finished products anymore and he has no kit for chestbox neither. 

What do you think about order a rogue one pilot chesbox on Jinta (because the infeno one is out of stock) and just paint the first button in red? 

Thank you !

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I would speak to your GML to see if they are willing to clear a R1 chestbox first.

However it's worth noting that the chestbox is an optional extra for Del Meeko.  So there is nothing to stop you proceeding without it and getting clearance.  If Jinta or anyone else gets them back in future, there is nothing to stop you resubmitting your clearance photos to have that added in 🙂  I wouldn't recommend spending money on something that might not clear, especially if it isn't a core element of the costume.

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Yes, I'm agree that it should be a shame to buy something useless. However, I really would like to have the chestbox and optionnal hoses on my final costume. In waiting, I still continue on the principal parts and I will my costume approved without those optionnal parts if I have no solutions. 

Thank you for your advice. 

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