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Director_Pimentel IAT (WIP)

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Greeting my name is Kevin Pimentel from Puerto Rico Garrison. 

Im working on the IAT. Its a long journey.



Got the twp patches from EndorFinder, Fox Outdoor Products Modular Strobe/Compass Pouch Olive Drab from amazon, Condor Triple M4 mag pouch from TaticalGear and the GI LC2 Nylon Pistol Belt from Army Navy Sales. Sorry about the image quality of the color it looks like camel but is all is olive green. 

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I was looking for the boots and i was looking on the "looking boots" in this forum and most i find it said sold out, does not ship to US/Puerto Rico. I found this one and i was wondering will this work this boot. It does ship to Canada, US and Puerto Rico.



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That is a virtually identical copy of my boot and a very good find.  As long as it fits in that 8-9 inch range you are golden. 


I shot all of my web gear, webbing glove boots helmet and pouches olive green with Montana Gold Olive. I dont know if you can get that there, but if all your gear matches color-wise, you are set for L2 approval.  Good choice on the pouches BTW. 

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Awesome, Thank you.

The good news is i found that it could ship to Puerto Rico but the bad news is they send me an email that it cannot ship because of the "rule" and they just cancelled my order.

Im gonna check at the local store to see if they have the Montana gold. If not. Then i need to find the same color but with alternative product name.

Also. i checked the other site and most it say it cannot be shipped to P.R.

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Ahhh shoot, it is probably cause it is oil based paint which ups it classification. Did they say they only shIp USPS? I thought UPS or FedEx could do it as they are cargo aircraft only.

@v7sg you have any tips or tricks for stuff to P.R. like this? I'm aware of shipping restrictions due to hazmat and chemicals on aircraft, which I'd assume is the reason for the embargo on it.

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Sadly UPS is quite expensive here, but for shops and sellers it's easier to say they don't ship here. I can talk with Kevin privately to see what he needs. Will keep you posted!

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