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Dark Trooper Project, redeux

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Wow, this board has changed drastically since I was last able to sign on, it appears my original project thread no longer exists here. It's been along time and well overdue. Eats me away that I have not completed my personal project I started about 5 years ago. I need this to be done to move on and show that I can actually finish something. I'm taking a shortcut with this though, it'll be quicker, but produce a quality result in the end. For those that don't know me or have any idea as to what I'm talking about, please check this link out from The Dented Helmet : http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f45/darktrooper-progress-thread-8mar2011-getting-back-16951/


I started many aspects of this but failed along the way, left this alone for another time. Well now is do or die I originally wanted to keep this a sorta "surprise" to those that know me, but I like doing this, showing progress...


For those that have seen my previous work on this, I'm starting back on the helmet sculpt which is about 90% done. It has survived 2 separate moves across the state. I started today repairing, correcting and re-adjusting things. I have lost and then recovered the 3D file, which I have already started putting through pepakura to get started again with the custom pieces. Realistically, all that I need to make myself to get this near completion, is the helmet, shoulder bells, chest/back and the jump-jet pack. My bicep and Forearm molds just need to be fixed up and repaired to form again. Everything else, I already can get.


This will get done. Next year is 2012, right? Gotta finish cause the world is gonna end ;)









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Chris ... Is this the "little" (15 pages) thread you were looking for? ;)


My dark trooper Project on the Zeta boards


The boards have moved but almost all the old material is still up on the Zeta boards, and your old account probably still works over there (I just signed into mine).


Had a look over the project ... Most impressive, Most Impressive!


Feel free to copy a bunch of the pics and posts over if you have a bit of time on your hands ... but if you're worried about finishing this befroe 2012 ... Let me know and I can copy some over for you. ;).

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Confined indoors today, as maintenance men were occupying the outside of the building, pressure cleaning the entire apartment, so got some more work done to this...


I began fixing the rear. I'd say the biggest obstacle with this is getting the entire back side of this sculpt clean. You can see the nastiness of it. I'm thinking that I'm going to cover the entire dome and back end in the new clay, as it's much better quality and much easier to work with.


Overlooking the 3d model, it appears that the back is supposed to be rounded, versus the sharp angled look of it before, therefore, I've added more clay to "round" it out. Still needs some minor work and smoothing, but almost there.








Since I was re-working this area, I've decided to try and pronounce the detail, but think I need to round it down and give it a lower profile..






Getting there...



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Will try to get pics up later, but we have been doing alot to the helmet. Still a ways away, but alot closer to being finished. We are aiming to have the helmet molded by the end of January. We've covered the whole rear of the helmet in new clay and goes up to about half way up the dome. Still correcting leveling issues and adding more material where it's needed.


Last things needed to do for the helmet are:


-Correcting dome's shape to counter the polygonal look

-Re-do rear dome "vents"

-Correct right side cheek

-Add/sculpt the chin detail

-Smooth the entire helmet/prep for molding


Not a big list, but it takes along time, and my patience is wearing thin

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I'll get the pics here in a few. Finally found the good camera.


Anyways, Ive been volunteering at a local studio, and I've learned a bit since. One thing being, is that I can now afford to make a transition mold. This means, I'll mold it as it, make a casting, and re-work the cast into the final master. Given that I don't like using clay a generally don't feel comfortable with it, this is the best way for me to feel like I have "control" over it. Anyways. I'm still going to consult with the staff there before I delve deep into it.

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Am in the process of ordering my clone armor and TK parts this weekend. These parts will cover about 90% of the entire costume.


This is the game plan so far; have a 3D artist modify the existing models of the pieces I'll need made; chest, back, jet pack and shoulders into a HD version of itself. From that, I want to have them CNC milled into a vacu-form buck and have pieces made from there. The jetpack would need to be molded.


Just started school this week, gonna be busy..

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Yeah, it was actually the proto-type to the prototype. When they started using the aging clones in their Dark Trooper experiments. Hence the reason it has clone armor parts. Always fun keeping the SW timeline straight.



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Yea just looked it up! Interesting...I wonder how long ago they came up with that..I started this project about 5 years...5 years too long at that. Idk what to think of it. At least now, it's classified as such instead of just being another version of the darktrooper. It may or may not affect legion approval though..I'm hoping it'll be fine either way.

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Alright, here are the pics I've been slacking on posting. These are from tonight. I went and got what I could finished with the sculpt. Unfortunately, there is only so much I can do at this point but it still "looks" like a soup sandwich (to me) but it's where I need it to be for the transition mold. Structurally speaking, it's no good, so I'd like to get this in the rubber ASAP and cast a solid and or hollow resin piece to work out the final master. My concentration tonight was symmetry where the areators go, as well as re-sculpting the bottom part of one ear cap. Finished off "filling out" the forward "tube" section, so both sides are pretty spot on with each other


This mix grey and white clay is really throwing me off and cannot wait to get a solid piece in one color!!










Close up of the re-worked section




Getting anxious here....



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Good news...a local studio is allowing me to bring in the helmet tomorrow and said they would help me make the transition mold. Their going to evaluate it and tell me what they think would be best, and I'll be ordering polyurethane rubber tomorrow based on their eval. It'll be one step closer to getting the helmet done.


Also, one of the staff there said he's looking for more excuses to use the CnC mill at their studio so he wants me to bring in the 3d model for him to play around with, and see about getting the pieces I need milled out!


Things are looking up!

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