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Fivezero's '71 Chevelle Project

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Well just bought my dream car, a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


But this thing is a project so it will need SOME cleaning up and some work.




Of course this also means I won't be able to do any armor projects for quite some time (the bank account is quite literally tapped out, guess it is time to get some EVO helmets churned out :whistling: ). But I'm so excited biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif




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Thanks guys!


Luckily it is a nice rust free car coming from California so it really only needs some mechanical things and a nice car wash (it isn't as bad as it looks, stupid bird poo). :D


But hey it's my dream car and I don't mind putting some work into it :D

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Right now it's got a stock 350 V8 in there, but I'll probably build it up over time as an SS car with a big ol' 396 (of course when I actually have money). But right now I'll get it driving and give it a good cleaning. :D

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I'm curious as to why it's your dream car??


Not having a dig or anything, I'm just interested.


Each to their own. Admittedly my dream cars (and there are many) would consist of:


Shelby Daytona

E-Type Jaguar

Porsche 964 (got)

Porsche 718RSK (working on it. a replica at least).

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Well I drive a military Chevy Blazer (M1009 CUCV technically), so I'm a Chevy guy! I also just love the look of it and drooled over many of the ones I've seen at car shows. Originally I was going to get a Chevy Nova (since I'm a Novatrooper, a Nova with his Nova), but I kept seeing these Chevelles and fell more and more in love with them.


Also growing up watching muscle car shows with my dad, you could say I'm a bit wired for this era of American cars.


Eventually I'd like to get it all painted up and looking nice similar to this one:




Of course that is still a very long way away, but someday...:D

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Ahhhh, I can see the appeal now.


That original picture really doesn't do it justice.


When it comes to American Muscle, I have to admit I'm a bit of a Charger fan..... You have the Dukes of Hazzard to blame for that one.




Good job you didn't go for the European version of the Nova..


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I have to admit that i am also a big fan of the Chevy powered cars. Over here in OZ we don't get a lot of these particular cars and the ones that do land cost a arm and a leg to purchase. I am also a mustang fan as well and would love to own a 68 fastback one day. The 2 biggest manufactures in Australia are Ford or Holden which holden export to the USA a version called the pontiac.




This used to be my ride up until recently.


It is a FPV GT powered by a boss 290kw engine with a 6 speed sequential auto gearbox. This car was made locally in OZ by fords performance company FPV, the new model thats available now is powered by the Coyote engine which has a 335kw engine and goes like a rocket. Its good for around 5 seconds for the 0 to 100kmh with the torgue range up around the 580nm.



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Nice car Ty!


Friend of mine in my 20's had a Chevelle, not a great body but (as I learned later) the engine was in perfect condition. He said it was either that car or a jacked up truck with huge mudders ... At first I didn't understand his choice... Then he took me for a ride and let me say that was the last time I ever wondered why he got that car. I love speed but those things with a 396 in them are Insane!


Have Fun and Drive Safe Trooper!


When you're up and running we'll organize a pilgrimage to Bonneville ... and crash with Izzi - no pun intended.

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And the car has arrived, woot!!!


Definitely a project though, but better than any Michigan car looks... ;)










GAH, SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



:D :D :D

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Are you going to paint it scarlet and gray?! :woot:


Heh, yeah I'll also replicate some rust chips on the edges :blink:


Black and gold...! :)


No, no that's for the Chevy Nova silly.... ;)


But I have break next week and I took the whole week off of work to get this thing going! Should get the thing running at least!

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So been working (of course) on this for this last couple days. We actually got it started and running on Sunday (first official day of work on it). The car hasn't run in 2 years so that was cool. What was even better was that we got it driving!!! The guy I bought it from said that it would need a new transmission, but it was working just fine for us! So fingers crossed, I won't have to mess with it too much.


But yesterday, spent most of the day doing some routine tune-up stuff. Oil change, new wheel bearings, etc. We still need to do a little more adjusting to really get this thing running smooth, but it runs pretty good now.


Today I conquer the interior (well tearing it apart at least). Unfortunately discovered some more rust as I cleaned it up, but nothing too major.




Hoping to have this thing on the road by the end of the week though! Won't be the prettiest Chevelle yet, but at least I can drive it places!


Back to the garage!!





Oh did I mention that this thing is awesome?!? ;)

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How's this for a nice big brown box!!! (EVO pack for scale).




Seat foam for the front seat (the stuff on the end would be my new seat covers)!!!!




All the little mechanical and electrical problems are sorted and as soon as I have some more $$$ it will start to look pretty again!!




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^ Thanks ^


Anyway also forgot to mention that we did it get it driving. I took it out to work once, that was awesome....


But then had to really tear it apart to fix a bent frame. So the whole front end is off of it right now as well as the engine is out. :( But the frame is straight again so hopefully get it back together again in a couple weeks. She also needs some new springs, bushings and some little rust work before she'll be on the road again. I also have a nice set of Rally wheels I snagged for $350, to piece the wheels together comes to roughly $1200. So that was a good deal, can't wait to put them on after this stuff is taken care of.


Here's my current to-do list on this thing:


New bushings

New motor mounts

New springs

Cowl rust work

Clean Carburetor (or rebuild)

Put engine back in



After the above stuff is done, I can at least drive it again. The rest of the list can be taken care of as time goes on (more importantly as $$$ flows in)


Re-upholster front seat (the seat backs).

Floor rust work

Rear quarter panel rust

Minor door rust

Roof rust (hopefully everything is alright)

Rear window rust (where all of them rust)

Door weatherstripping

Trunk weatherstripping

Fender dents fixed

Align body panels

New headliner

New carpet

New door panels (interior)

New sail panels

Re-upholster rear seat

New grille

New turn signal lenses

New dash way down the line

New steering wheel

New paint (original Burnt Orange or the Antique Green I want)


Of course this list is very....vague, there are still many small things to do.




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I'm back!!!


So here's what I've mostly done in the last couple weeks. A couple "Before Pics" before I show you what I've done.


One worn out and dirty engine compartment with worn out suspension.







Frame and firewall painted, amazing what some power washing and paint can do. Oh and got some new springs and bushings put in, it sits much better now! :) The stuff in the next three pics were all done this week too...




One 350 V8 engine with some fresh Chevy Orange.




And yesterday we put the engine back in it's spot, now to hook everything up.





And yeah, hopefully get this thing back on the road next week, still have some rust repair to do on the fenders before the front end and hood can go back on. We also need to put new springs and bushings for the rear suspension stuff. And then we get an alignment and my new wheels can go on it and it lives once again!!!


So I'm back from my little hiatus, I'll get rolling on my other projects after this thing is back together and on the road.




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