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Ok, so since it is raining here in Colorado, I decided to help my boyfriend out with his build. (Trying to get him signed up here but that is ok if he doesn't) We both had off from our jobs and we started to get to work on at least his helmet. I drilled and dremeled the smile holes and helped put the decals on and the hard hat insert on the inside of the helmet. We are going to finish the rest tomorrow but here are some progress pics.













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Ok, quick question now. Anyone know what I am supposed to do with silver long strips that came with my build and where can I get more decals, specifically the large gray ones on the dome. Here is an update pic........and then what my bf did without my help once he got home......he needs a new decal obviously.





And now for what he did on his own......so proud. Lol.



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Looking good , I just bought another AM lite kit for a Nova Build and I'm kinda regreting only getting the lite kit, I know the AM helmet is not as accurate as others but being ABS it is kinda more robust and therefore can take a bit more abuse trooping . Maybe I will bug the guys at TKBoots again lol


Keep up the good work

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nice build so far. There is one problem though. Should your bf be going for 501st approval, he will need to lose the blue tube stripes. According to the CRL:


"The tube stripes are black in color and may number between 9 and 15 per side with the curve bends extending backwards. These may be hand painted or decals. There does not need to be the same number per side"


Mike at Trooperbay has black stripes as well.

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Um, the stuff you posted from the CRL is in black font, Todd!


Here's what I think you wanted to post:


"The tube stripes are black in color and may number between 9 and 15 per side with the curve bends extending backwards. These may be hand painted or decals. There does not need to be the same number per side."


- Master Tej -

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Ah, yeah he is not sure right now, but I think he wants this to be just his. Thanks though! That is helpful because I was wondering the same thing.

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Yeah it is lots of fun to help out and I found out that I am amazing at cutting out holes in armor like the smile and such. XD

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Thanks! Just finished the helmet today. ^^ We also finished our thermal detonators, but I am not really sure how to make the clips for on the back. I was going to modify mine so that I could carry things in it but I recently got a better idea for that. Next we are going to try to work on my armor and I asked my bf and he technically does not want to join the 501 so we will not have to worry about the technical stuff. I will though. XD He also wants to do a custom paint job as well.


I have always thought of the frown as a smile or at least a hint of a smile. ^^




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Yeah that is just my boyfriends armor. He is not sure if he wants to join the 501 or not. He may actually make a custom build so we will have to see there.

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I kn ow it is a bit of a jump, but we are getting there. Here is most of my boyfriends build.We are working on the belt and straps/velcro and such at this point.





I have slowly been working on mine because I am......well.....I am really small compared to the armor so I will have to trim a lot in order for it to even fit me. I have been trying to get help with this in Colorado but it is hard since everyone in the garrison out here seems busy and my work schedule does not help at all. Do any of you have any pointers on timing the armor so that when I do start I do not take away the wrong parts. I really need help on this and I was wondering if anyone would be available to do a couple of skype calls or something. I am so confused and scared that I might mess it up that I really have not done much to my armor, which is why my boyfriend's is almost done. ;_; I really need some help. If any of you would be available to help me out, I would be forever in your debt! Even if it would be taking pictures of where you trimmed and telling me where it would be acceptable to trim would help too! Help me Special Ops! You are my only hope! I really really want to wear my armor!

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Awesome, because I am just getting a little tired of not being able to work on my build since I am afraid to do something wrong. Also, whatever you do! DO NOT USE ZIP KICKER WHEN YOU HAVE SOME SUPER GLUE ON YOUR SKIN! I found this out the hard way and it BURS LIKE A THOUSAND SUNS! I had a small drop on my skin when I was working on my armor and now I have a nice scar from the weird blister it left behind. I am going to wear gloves from now on with this stuff. XP


Once again, I feel the need to thank everyone on here for the tremendous help! You are all the best!

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that does smart. It doesn't happen to me on weekly basis though. Honest. ;)

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that does smart. It doesn't happen to me on weekly basis though. Honest. ;)


happened the very next day to me. I love the stuff, but man does it burn when it's working on your skin!

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