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Black Wolf Shadow Trooper... and so it begins...

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Well I thought I would lay the foundations and start by opening a topic now as my excitement has already began to kick in following my email today advising that 'The Big Brown Box' with the AM lite kit has arrived in Australia!!! :peace:


Knowing customs here and as it's probably in Sydney while I'm over the other side of the country in Western Australia, I am still thinking 2 weeks so that I don't get too frustrated waiting in the mean time lol.


I've changed my display name from DJTrooper today too after buying a duffel bag for some of my armor and noticing the name on the side was Black Wolf.... hmmmmmmmm, I thought to myself, now that works for me!!

And as my wife always tells me, once you go black, you never go back lol... she's Brazilian.


I've already put a number of orders in to help me on my way.

  • Black jodhpurs are on the way from the UK now.
  • Ordered another neck seal as I wasn't happy with the one that arrived yesterday.
  • Waiting on a 2 piece compression suit from Brisbane.
  • Ordered a nice leather holster from Muppet which is Centurion approved.
  • Trooperbay is sending me over a black canvas belt today... although I plan on covering it with something as I want to aim for Specialist with this! (Any suggestions on material would be greatly appreciated)
  • Already got black nomex gloves which I use with my ROTJ armor... did I mention that was a heavily modded Rubies? Yeah probably cos I don't like mentioning that part lol
  • Haggling with someone as we speak over the price of a Hasbro E-11 which I've now decided to get and modify with Doopys.
  • Also going with a very nice fan made E-11 from a Red Back GA over in Brisbane which has already gained Centurion status with others.
  • My heavy duty snap fasteners are due to be picked up today.
  • E6000 glue is in the mail, although I believe our Selleys Liquid Nails is exactly the same thing, but I will test my theory on that lol
  • Getting a fully assembled AT3 helmet from ARAKYEL, with hovi tips. Just waiting to hear back from him now after sending him my details the other day, but he did say prior to that he would start on it early September :)
  • A pair of lexan scissors, but will probably adopt the score and snap method.
  • Pack of 20 earth magnets and a bag of clamps
  • Already have a Aker MR1700 Amp and an icomm is on its way to me now too!
  • Evilboy is sending me his dual fan kit for the helmet and also the TD clips for the AM armor taken from Pandas style.
  • Novus 1,2,3 plastic polish kit on its way from the US
  • Probably grab some heavy duty velcro from Bunnings too!

Hmmmmm I think that's pretty much everything covered haha.... can someone now please explain to me why I'M BROKE!! :shok:

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Nice grocery list. You are going to have a great time. This should be much easier than modding that Rubies, so you've given yourself some valuable experience heading into this. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this armor.

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Welcome aboard mate Its nice to see another Aussie has found there way to the best Detachment in the legion. :peace:

Thanks Shane! :)

I'm led to believe that I'm going to be the first one in the Desert Scorpion Squad too :tie:

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  • Trooperbay is sending me over a black canvas belt today... although I plan on covering it with something as I want to aim for Specialist with this! (Any suggestions on material would be greatly appreciated)


Found what I hope will be the perfect material to cover my canvas belt with online... Shiny high gloss stretch PVC

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Thanks Jim :thumbsup:


Slowly each day things begin to arrive, yesterday came the Novus 1,2,3 polish

And I bought gloss black to spray over my blaster once I complete it, to give it that shiny look to match the TX :)


And whats with this for the arrival of my big brown box:

Processed through sort facility in Australia on the 21st

Arrival at Post Office on the 29th!! :rolleyes:

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I raced home... almost missed the post van.... raced up the street and cornered him at another business.... he thought he was getting robbed until he saw me running towards him waving my 'Sorry we missed you ticket' LOL biggrin.gif


I have it here at home, taking photos as I go.... and my nice shiny black boots are here too!! tongue.gif

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