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Upgrading My Bucket / Armor Upgrade

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This post is part 2 of upgrading my bucket, but is now more focused on the armor part of the upgrade. There is some over lap from the first post so this post can be viewed on it's own.

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I have the Aker MR2800 and I mounted it in my chest and when I turned the sound on so you could hear me talk it would squeal pretty loud.


I had to adjust the output to the wireless mic and the volume to the Aker but I still had the feedback at a volume you could hear me.


I Took and moved the Aker down to my stomach inside my armor and that helped a little.

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I took my Aker and put a thin rubber foam all around it except for the front that velcros to the armor.

I got the foam from Grainger and it helped reduce the feedback a little more.

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I also took the wireless mic and made a foam piece to go on the mic pickup. I took the foam piece off the mic that came with it and slid mine onto it. It's not 100% but it reduced the feedback now to a point where I can have the volume loud enough for people to hear me.

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​I put the wireless receiver in the back of my armor plate. I also have a Hyperdyne labs voice changer wired into the receiver and an on / off switch that controls the power to the system.

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I have a push to talk wire that I run from the voice changer down my arm to my hand. I also run a wire from the voice changer to my Aker in the front of my armor.

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​I took and cut little pieces of that rubber foam I used to sound proof the Aker and glued it inside the ridge part of the clips to hold the wire firmly but allow for movement. I then took velcro and attached it to the ends of the clips. I took and placed the other side of the velcro on the armor.

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Well that brings us to the end of yet another fun and exciting day!!!! Lots more to come!!!

Stay tuned we'll have a armor storage box upgrade and drop box upgrades coming and a really big surprise!!

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I wanted background sound to play while I was trooping and I didn't want to spend too much money, so I went to Walmart and found a 4BG Mp3 player for $14.

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