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Upgrading My Bucket / Armor Upgrade

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The next thing I need to do is mold a plastic piece for my back plate so it protects the wireless receiver wiring and voice changer.

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I bought some acrylic and measured a piece cut it then put it into the oven on a pizza pan that has many many little holes in it. I set the oven at 260* and let it heat up for like 10 min. With the low temp I was able to leave it in the oven as long as needed. If the temp is higher it will cook the plastic. Here is a pic of my first attempt lol.

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Well that's all I have on my armor. I hope that this helps any aspiring troopers, I had a ton of fun putting this together. Yes there was some frustration but mostly it was a blast. I found out what I'm capable of, I'm really proud of the results. I can give the credit to all of you troopers who posted your builds and who followed my posts and gave kinds words. Thank you guys, my buckets off to you all!!



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My Stanley tub upgrade.


This build was a combined effort between myself and a fantastic buddy of mine. We had a blast messing around with this.


Thanks Duffy!!!

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We took a piece of aluminum stock ( Red arrow below ) and PVC stock, milled the PVC to fit inside the aluminum then drilled a hole in the PVC for the axel arm tab to go into ( Blue arrow above ).

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