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Upgrading My Bucket / Armor Upgrade

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It's the perfect size and cheap!!!! I hooked it up to my iMac and everything synced flawlessly!


Warning DO NOT DELETE THE FILES THAT COME ON THIS DEVICE!!!! I found out the hard way! If you delete the files on this device the computer won't recognize it and will render it useless. I ended up taking it back and getting a new one.


I thought if I saved them on the computer that would work then delete them off the Mp3 player to save space; NOPE!! So if you get one of these they work great for what I want to use it for but don't delete anything off of it.

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A couple of buddies of mine directed me to the 501st's web page, they have loops you can download for free of trooper radio chatter. They have a few you can download, they are really cool and some are funny!

​I downloaded them to my computer and I didn't even have to put them into iTunes, I dragged and dropped them to the Mp3 no problem! I've used it for a couple troops and it is great! The people love it!!

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I took velcro and attached the one side to the back of the Mp3 player then the other piece to the Aker. Then I stuck the Mp3 to the Aker, it's the perfect size!

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Upgraded drop boxes. Why did I upgrade them, they already were full closed drop boxes. Cause I can lol!! I had tossed around the idea of making them as storage compartments but just kind of let it go.


Then a good buddy of mine showed me his that he made as storage compartments, I was sold!!!

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I used two small jewelry box hinges set side by side along the bottom of the outside drop box ( marked with the blue arrow ), they fit perfectly. I got them from a local fabric store. They are pretty strong too!!

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I then took a piece of u shaped plastic and glued that in U shape down ( n ) into the outer drop box. ( Blue arrow ) I took velco and put one side on the inner drop box ( Red arrow ) and one side on the u shaped piece of plastic ( Blue arrow ) to form the closer.

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​Once everything was dry I took some 3M adhesive spray and some black fabric I had and sprayed the inside of the boxes. I let it get a little tacky then lined the inner and outer boxes with it. It really came out looking great!!

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​I have meet all the requirements for specialist just haven't taken any pics of the whole package for submission lol.

Might do that tomorrow.

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