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JK II Shadowtrooper Helmet Sculpt

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Hey guys! Another sculpt from Fivezero. This project is for our XO, Darth Emphatic. He asked me about pepakura and it basically ended with me making a foam helmet, demonstrating using foam. Well after a couple months of it sitting on my shelf, I decided to try something new and use the foam helmet as a mold for a plaster helmet sculpt. Worked on it for a bit back in May and finally got it off the shelf tonight to start finishing it up.


The original foam helmet.




Plaster poured in with the carnage from demolding following.






The raw, ugly cast ready for some sculpting (this is literally the exact same as the 3D model from the game, not detailed at all).




Started by smoothing everything out and then got started on some face detail/shape.




Other side shaped and sculpted.




Frown added, little more sculpting all around.




More face detail.




And after that it got shelved for a couple months. Got it back on the bench tonight and started sculpting again. Did some more smoothing all over then got started on the detail lines all over the back of the helmet.







And that's where it's at right now! Hope to get it all finished up this weekend. Got a few more details to add, some sanding, some minor filling, some more sanding after that and it should be ready for molding. Definitely love the plaster as it is nice and soft and very easy to knock down very fast to shape (it's cheap too!). I also hate the plaster since it is so soft, a lot of the marks you see are from fingernails catching and gouging the surface. I'll probably do that Swamptrooper Helmet that's been sitting on my shelf forever in the same style.... Anyway that's all for now!





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Very cool Ty. I've wondered why plaster isn't used more often. On a side note, I was just talking about that trooper with a buddy of mine yesterday. Weird.

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Yeah Todd, I love plaster, wish I thought to use it a long time ago. The only drawback is you really have to wait until the plaster is dried out thoroughly since the plaster is ultra soft then. After that it isn't too bad, but it's still pretty soft. But it beats the heck out of cardstock + fiberglass resin + bondo + bondo + more bondo + even more bondo.


And Dizzy, I unfortunately don't have the model anymore. I did some reorganizing on my computer this summer, and somehow all my raw models got deleted, sorry man. I fortunately didn't lose any of the individual models I made up (for example the ears for this guy, or the chestbox for the EVO). Just my master folder with all the untouched models, I haven't tried to rebuild it yet either apart from a couple troopers I know I need like my SWG Shocktrooper. Someday I'll get it back together...


Anyway made a little more progress on this today. Got the vocoder all marked out, going to use some wire I had laying around to make the little ribs. Also finished the lines off too. All that's left is to drill some 5/8" holes in the cheeks for the mic tips and then some finishing work. Also made up some 3D models for some details pieces.


Here's the new ears for the helmet. At the far right is the original from the helmet, I was going to use this and scratch build. Decided to make a more detailed one and get it 3D printed (will only cost $10!!). My first revision is in the middle, with the final part on the left with the edges rounded off, a little more accurate.




Also made up the little mic tips. Was also going to scratch build these, but decided to get them 3D printed. The mesh is also slightly above the bottom of the part, would make it a little hard to mold. But at $1.87 a piece, I won't be buying one and molding/casting new ones. I'll just use straight printed ones for the finished helmet.




Almost there with this helmet. :)




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Welp, I'm very excited to get back to working on stuff (woot Celebration!!). So I'm going to get back on this helmet real quick and finish it up this weekend. Really all that is left is to sand, smooth, sand and smooth some more. Get all the scratches and pits worked out and some small details added.


So here's where it's at currently, some spot putty applied. :)








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Oh you guys... Ain't nothing special about me, just a guy that loves weird troopers. :P Thanks for the compliments as always, you guys are awesome too! :)


And I agree Steve, it will be very tight and claustrophobic in there. Once I get a mold and casting made up, I'll send it to you to make sure it fits before you send $$$. It "should" fit you, the little foam mold fit my head, but you never know... :icon_eek:


And I'll gladly help you work through the armor (that's gonna be a fun one)!!! :thumbsup:




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Thanks, man. If you fit, I think I will. My heads looks a little smaller (no insult meant). Sounds good, man. Super excited to get moving on this. Need to start planning on armor to see if I am going to be able to use a stormtrooper or clone as a base or have to go full custom.

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More football progress! :)


Found the rare red-spotted Shadowtrooper while out on an expedition yesterday... Sanded down all that putty.




And today finally cut the indent for the mic tips for this guy. Decided to go against getting them 3D printed, found these little button things at the hardware store this morning, should work great!




And also ordered the 3D printed ear piece to then mold and cast for helmets. :) Should be here next week!




Have a little more filling to do in some spots and then get the chin sorted out and then some primer, sanding, more primer, more sanding then molding and casting!! Almost there!




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Almost there with this helmet!


The little chin/vocoder ribs are glued on, still a little bit of filler to help blend them in.




Here's my amazing little holder to keep the helmet up while I work on the chin. :P




Still waiting for that 3D printed ear piece, got lost a blackhole in New York the last few days. Hopefully it should be here tomorrow. Then I can get matched up to the helmet and molded. Aiming to have this guy ready for molding this weekend (maybe even silicone applied too). :)


Oh and to make myself feel better, got my Batman cowl out to compare the sizes. I don't think there will be a problem with this helmet... :thumbsup:







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Got my 3D printed ear piece today and it is beautiful!




Ready for surgery! Both sides got cut out to receive the ear piece. I need to make a quick mold tomorrow and make another ear piece casting. Then I'll glue those to the helmet, a little bit of filler and some sanding and primer and it'll be ready to go!




Oh and in case you guys can't tell, I am "slightly" freaking out at the size of the helmet. I feel much better seeing with the Batman cowl but still........ :unsure: It'll be alright though! :)




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Yay, getting super close now! Been doing some sanding here and there, then decided to hit it with some primer (about 3 coats) then a bunch of gloss black (about 6 coats). The plaster was getting too fiddly for fine-tuning (did more damage than good when working on it), so all the paint should be a nice barrier while I fix the last couple spots. Overall, love how this thing is looking! Hoping to have it ready to make a mold by the end of the week. :)







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I have to admit that this isn't my favorite helmet, but painted-up it is looking super-cool Ty.

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