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Jeditid's Flametrooper Build WIP

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Right so Friday I'll be ordering my lid from DC Props, nice and painted too - can't wait.


Here's a link - gonna be shiney !




Then I think I'm going to order Procoprint3D's flamethrower as for €250 thats good value !




and it's also nice to see he has the following too and at €450 I'll be watching this one.




I have some other ideas on flametanks too though and packaging tubes would be perfect for the tanks, strong and lightweight - so may actually give this a go myself. I'd be interested to know what you guys think of the 3D from the guy. I know Kevin is almost ready with his flamethrower but shipping could be an issue.

This firm is in Belgium and so easier for the UK.


Does anyone have any contacts for Armour yet ?


But looking forward to get cracking on these :)

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Those are good leads on the 3D prints. I hadn't run across those yet. They look good to me at first glance. I'm curious to see what they look like printed of course. As for armor, I haven't seen any manifest yet. I had a guy working on pep files, but that lead went cold unfortunately.

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If you check that 3d printer in Belgium he's printed the flamethrower now and looks great. The only issue I can see is that it would be better if it had a central core running through it, would help with being more durable.

I worry the bottom hand grip being in 2 pieces maybe a weak point.


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So just quickly mocked up how the tanks and central band will look. Dimensions seem about right, now have to figure put securing the tanks in place and getting it all fitted together.


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That's looking pretty good! Keep going on that as this is the closest real-life manifestation of the pack I've seen so far.

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Yuck, that looks like garbage. Just kidding as I'm loving how close those waste bins look. Nice work on the central band so far too.

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Haha, thanks the bins were a good find. It's also great as the bin liners themselves are the perfect to make black "gasket" arrangement on the tops of the tanks too !


i think the funny thing with his build is that I suspect I wont be able to fix the central band properly until lots of other things are completed. It provides access to the bins and their attachments and will end up hiding a lot of the joins, bolts etc.

I'm going to also get some 1" tubing later as I think I can fit the tube within the central band frame, making it even more secure.

The only time I've seen the rear of the whole pack is on the 12" figure I have.

So that looks like there's even more stuff going on behind the pack, none too taxing though as I think Plywood can do most of it.


onward and upward !

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Time for another update


All Tanks are primed, next job is to spray all tanks, complete and spray the central and begin putting them and the central band fully together and make permanent.


Have to get some Red perspex or something for the red lights on the tanks and I've left spaces so I can add electronics later if I want. Then its on to the rear tubing to create the "backpack".


Then its on to the tubing underneath and working out what exactly is going on behind the main tanks.


25842350965_c943fc5413_b.jpgIMG_20160316_203539 by jeditid1973, on Flickr


25215768823_720c413644_b.jpgIMG_20160316_203429 by jeditid1973, on Flickr


25211835404_403a45e55b_b.jpgIMG_20160316_203344 by jeditid1973, on Flickr


25541661530_35619beb55_b.jpgIMG_20160316_203314 by jeditid1973, on Flickr

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winner winner chicken dinner! that is looking pretty sweet.


Any chance of seeing how they fit on you back for scale?

Not yet as I need to fix the back pack bars. Once that is done I'll be able to test


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what are the length of the tanks you have made here? I m looking at using some cast off scba fire fighters tanks and I am wondering how close these are to what you are using.

I'll check the overall length tonight for you. Each tank is 2 waste bins on top of each other. Joined in the middle.

I think real tanks will be really heavy, I Scuba dive and there's no way I'd costume with those on my back.


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