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CRL Discussion - FO Elite Stormtrooper (Complete)

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Proposal is live.  For final version, REFERENCE THE CRL DOCUMENT: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_TFA_elite

Starting this here for the Command Team to discuss the proposed CRL for submission of the First Order Elite Stormtrooper.


I've placed it here so Dan can be involved seeing as it's his costume.



If everyone could refrain from posting 'yeah, great...' or 'I like it' or other such random comments that have no bearing on the discussion please that would be great.


If you do have some background information or other source material to add, by all means please do so, but this is not intended to be a general discussion.





So without further ado.





First Order Elite Stormtrooper CRL





For 501st approval:

  • Lenses are smoky gray in color. They may be bubble in shape or flat and must be sufficiently dark enough to obscure the costumer's eyes.

  • A single silver aerator/mic tip cylinder is on lower left side of the wearer's chin.

  • The entire helmet is solid gloss black.

  • Seven cut out tube stripe slots are on each side of the helmet

  • Two clip greeblies are present over the traps on the side

  • Two clip greebles are present on the top of the helmet, parallel to the trap greeblies

  • There is a slight groove that circumvents the helmet above the brow

  • There is a slight grove that circumvents the helmet along the bottom and over the chin


For 501st approval:

Black with horizontal ribs, fitted to the wearer, and extending from the base of the neck to conceal the entire neck. No hair or skin should be visible around the neck area.


Chest Plate

For 501st approval:

  • The chest plate overlaps the abdominal plate

  • The entire chest plate is gloss black.

  • The center-top of the chest plate is recessed and black on the side and upward facing edges.

  • A smaller clasp greeblie shall be present on each side of the chest, just inside a small indented area the size of the greeblie.

  • There is a slight groove running vertical on each lateral side of the chest that angles toward the center

  • The red Special Forces making is on the left side of the wearers chest.

  • Six recessed black ovals are on the wearer's right side, left of the greeblie.



For 501st approval:

  • The back plate contains a "O II" .

  • The back/yoke is one seamless piece

  • The yoke portion extends over the wearer's shoulders and curves under the armpits

  • On the left side of the yoke is the continuation of the Special Forces marking.



Thermal Detonator

For 501st approval:

  • The thermal detonator mounting plate sits under the back plate and rests above the belt.

  • The entire unit is gloss black in color.

  • The left-hand end cap extends from the detonator assembly and is black all around the cylinder as well as the end surface.

  • There should be no visible seams.


Shoulder Gaskets

For 501st approval:

  • Gaskets shall be rubber or a shiny black material with ridges

  • The shoulder gaskets must cover all exposed areas under the shoulder bell, between the bicep and chest, and between bicep and back.

Shoulder Bells


For 501st approval:

  • One on each shoulder.

  • The shoulders are considered effectively symmetrical. They may be worn interchangeably on the left and right shoulders.

  • Shoulders have small round extension at the top under the bell itself that butts up against the yoke.



For 501st approval:

  • Biceps have only one seam on the side that faces forward. The rest of the bicep must be seamless.

  • A clip greeblie is present low and across the seam

Elbow Gaskets

For 501st approval:

  • Gaskets shall be rubber or a shiny black material with ridges

  • The elbow gaskets must cover all exposed areas between the bicep and forearm



For 501st approval:

  • Forearms shall have have ridged rail, similar to a picatinny, embedded on the inside of the forearm, roughly covered 1/3rd by a box shape.

  • Forearms shall have a box on the bottom the wrist end.

  • Each forearm shall have two 'clasp greeblies' on the outside facing surface, near the wrist.

  • Detail box includes black rectangle on small edge perpendicular and closest to wrist



For 501st approval:

  • The gloves are all black.

  • Extend underneath the forearm and are wrist length at a minimum with no labels, clasps, etc.

  • Handplates are rigid square boxes and the hand plates are mounted securely over the back of the glove.

Abdomen Section


For 501st approval:

  • The abdomen section must wrap around the wearer's body without a visible seam.

  • The abdomen has 7 boxes attached that matches the order and placement shown and sit flush against the armor.



For 501st approval:

The codpeice sits below the abdomen and under the belt.


Posterior armor

For 501st approval:

  • The posterior armor sits below the abdomen and under the belt.

  • The top portion of the part shown is hidden by the belt and used to connect the plate to the abdomen armor.


For 501st approval:

  • The belt is ribbed and made from a rubber or a rubber like material.

  • Five black rectangular boxes and one pouch sit on the belt.

  • There are 2 horizontal boxes on the front, on each side of the center.

  • There are 2 vertical boxes on the right of the wearer.

  • There is a large vertical black pouch with a black cover behind the left side of the wearer.

  • A small black cloth pouch is worn on the left side and hides the buckle or remaining belt material.


For 501st approval:

  • An undergarment must be worn such that the space between the thighs and the belt shows a black material. The black material may be shiny or matte.



For 501st approval:

  • There are seams on the inside and outside of the thighs.

  • A clip greeblie is present high and across the outside seams of each thigh.

  • The right outside thigh (to the wearer) includes a base for a holster.

Knee Gaskets

For 501st approval:

  • Gaskets shall be rubber or a shiny black material with ridges

  • The knee gaskets must cover all exposed areas between the thigh and shin

Knee Plates

For 501st approval:

  • The knee plates mirror each other and are placed evenly between the thigh and the shin.

  • Convex edge of knee plate faces upward.



For 501st approval:

  • There are seams on the inside and outside of the shins, with the opening on the inside.

  • A clip greeblie is present high and across the outside seams of each shin.

  • The wearer's left outside shin includes two vertical thin boxes that are seamless.


For 501st approval:

  • The spats wrap around the lower ankle, just below the black ankle rectangles.

  • The spats are enclosed on the outside of the ankle with a greeblie that overlaps the open side.

  • There is a visible seam on the inside of the ankle.



For 501st approval:

  • TX boots are allowed but not recommended.

  • If other boots are used:

    • The boots are above ankle height and made of black leather or leather-like material.

    • There is a seam down both sides of the front that swoops out to the side of the foot.

    • There is a vertical zipper on the inside that spans the height of the boot.

    • There is a black flat sole with no heel.

    • No buckles or laces


Optional Accessories

Items below are optional costume accessories. These items are not required for approval, but if present appear as described below.


First Order Stormtrooper Blaster

For 501st approval:

  • Based on a replica Sterling sub-machine gun, scratch-built, or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster.

  • Details to be painted black

First Order Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle

For 501st approval:

  • Based on a replica Sterling sub-machine gun, scratch-built, or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster.

  • Similar to standard First Order Stormtrooper Blaster with extended stock attached.

  • Details to be painted black

First Order Stormtrooper Blaster Pistol

For 501st approval:

  • Based on a replica Glock 19 repeating pistol, scratch-built, or a modified commercial Stormtrooper toy.

  • Details to be painted black



The FO Elite Stormtrooper for all intents and purposes looks to be a variant of the standard FO Stormtrooper. The CRL above is based on that of the Standard FO Stormtrooper to reflect this, with the changes to colour etc to reflect the differences.


Supporting reference material.


The Elite Stormtrooper is a release from Disney/Hasbro with the 3.75" Elite Speeder Bike.



























That's just my quick skim of reference shots.

I can't find any supporting reference text (but then I've not looked in any depth yet).



Dan has done a rather sterling job at this.


I reference his build thread here.





I can only assume that Dan has done a direct copy of the FO Stormtrooper and amended it to suit the Elite version with the references to black armour and the red stripe? Dan can you confirm?


As such the CRL should fall nicely in line with the already set precedent of the regular FO Stormtrooper.



My only observations based purely on the very scant info that I have put above is that there may be a question over the Blaster Rifle on the CRL.

The source material only seems to show the Elite equipped with the pistol.

This would need discussion or some clarification from other source material to suggest their usage. To me it's obvious that they would, but without something to back it up, it may be a point for discussion.


There also maybe a little bit of clarification needed on the chest stripe.


From the toy....




There seems to be a little 'hook' on the end, where it forms a sort of arrowhead near to the arm.

Small detail I know, but you know what they're like.


Beyond that, looks pretty solid to me.

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I went based on the Disney art which it seems does not have the striping going down with the hook, but with the arm in the way one cant tell. However where the stripe is on the yoke of the armor it appears that it does not hook down. I believe that the Disney art would be a better representation than the toy.

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Thanks for getting this moving Chef. I think the CRL looks pretty good overall. I have a few points to hit:

  • Dan, you mentioned earlier that this costume was featured on a variety of advertisements. Please produce those images.
  • If you are basing your costume more on the artwork, you have to be sure that the artwork shows a good 360 degree full body, otherwise we are using the figure to supplement.
  • Using the figure, then Chef has a point about the hook. It will need to be there IMHO.
  • If you are able to go with the artwork, then the hovi tip needs to be black. The figure shows it silver, but the art looks black if I'm not mistaken.

As far as getting this through to Brian before his term is up, that may not be possible. Brian has inadvertently made the process much harder. It's a long story, but while it is supposed to be DL-friendly, without warning I can't even access our CRLs anymore. I think this is likely going to have to wait until the new command staffs take over and Steve is back from his trips.

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From your other thread in case you haven't seen it...


Steve is back from some assignment today/tomorrow and should be looking to progress it from there.



It's now just a waiting game with the LMO's.

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Dan, I am back in gear and I appreciate your patience. You had mentioned other support images. I don't think we ever saw those. Before I move forward with the LMO's, can you tell me if you do indeed have any other supporting imagery and can you produce it? If not, I can still attempt to move forward, but any other imagery would only help our case, barring major inconsistencies.

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I support Dan rod and me and him talked about the build and I also just finished my elite if in need of more pictures of my build I will be willing to submit pictures also wanted to suggest that I made my helmet lenses CHROME or mirrored


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