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Jimmiroquai - Death Trooper Helmet and Armor WIP

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Hi all! I thought i'd throw my hat in the ring.


We're just about finished with the clay master of the Dtrooper helmet. We're going to be casting it it resin for final mastering before making the final mold.








Armor is still in the very rough stages:



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What are you planning for fabricating the armor? Looking AWESOME by the way!


I'm planning to use the same cast flexible fiberglass as my TFA stuff. Studying all the pics, it's going to be difficult to get the same sharp details with vacuforming.

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You'd better send that stuff to me for quality control Jim ;) Outstanding!

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Looking good ☺ The belt buckle coin slots - do they go all the way through? The belt buckle on the DT looks to be made up from layers with the slots cut through the first which is then adhered to the one underneath ☺


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The center box on the bottom should be level with the rest of the abdomen, and level with the left and right panels next to it (so the box should be considerably shorter). Along with there being 2 trim pieces along the grill area. 1 trim piece is on the edges of the grill, and the other is next to it on the base. But besides that, keep up the good


Also, if you look at the Prop Den's HD ref images, there aren't any panels on the top left and right of the grill, that area is bare to the base, but on the far left and rights are paralell lines (4 rows to be exact). There are panels on the bottom though. Take a look at these.


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Jim I'm very interested in your build for this and would love a price for this kit with or without soft parts when you're finished! Please keep me in mind lol I know you're very busy and a friend who has your FOTK recommended you. Hope to wear this one day!

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Finally updating this! I'll be posting pics of our master sculpts as we finish them. Hopefully, you guys can spot mistakes or areas for improvement before we start making molds. Your input will be greatly appreciated. Sizing is roughly regular TK size but we've extended the abs and the thighs a bit for the taller folks. We also plan on making regular and longer sized forearms and shins. Here's what we have so far:








Kidney plate:



Thermal det:











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