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Well I have been painting for the past week and a bit and will be finished this bad boy this arvo (OZ time). Before I add the detail bits and web it I want to make sure that the colour is right. I will be putting up some pics and hopefully all the work I have done is correct. With a couple of coats of black, a few coats of red, plastic primer and a couple of coats of clear it has been a mission. Hampered by the weather we have had here in QLD. When I post the pics any feedback would be great. Once I know the colour is right I will finish it off with the decals and other painted details, as well as the webbing. I also don't want to do the boots until the colour has been given the thumbs up.


Would of rather done this in Red ABS instead of painting a white suit, but as I deal with plastic and making my own armour I know the difficulty in getting other colours (even black is pretty much impossible here in OZ) unless you order a minimum quantity of 300kg, which is a lot of money and about 7 or 8 suits of armour. As cool as it would be to have 7 suits of black armour I can't afford that at all haha. Nor do I have the space.


So feel free to le t me know if I am on the right track. I would love to have a Magma here in OZ and ready for DW2011. Please be the right colour or I am going to cry. Pics to come.

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That's awesome Apok, but I encourage you to start posting work in progress pictures. You came out of nowhere with your Nova and now an almost complete Magma. The wip would really help some new members who may wish to follow in your footsteps. I look forward to seeing your armor!

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OK here are some pics. Those of you in the Redbacks know how computer inept I am at using a computer. Thus this is why my WIP pictures are non-existent on the forums and then all of a sudden low and behold I have a new suit of armour. I am trying to remedy this by doing what all men fear to do.....ask for help. Lucky my girlfriend, who is a photographer, helped me figure out how to reduce the pics to a usable size....yes I hear you all laughing now. Needless to say I know a lot more now and will be using this new fangled modern technamalogical stuff to keep you updated.


For the colour the base armour was white. Most of the bits are HIPS, some bits are ABS. The formulae used was:


Sand all armour

Plastic Primer

2 coats of Satin Black

3 - 4 coats of Cherry Red

2 coats of Clear Gloss


White Knight Spray Cans were used.


I hope that the colour turned out right. I like it. It looks like a burnt red. All comments are welcome. I won't do the final touches until the colour has been given the big thumbs up.




post-136-008313500 1294915593_thumb.jpg

post-136-035107900 1294915627_thumb.jpg

post-136-055188100 1294915709_thumb.jpg

post-136-031125900 1294915727_thumb.jpg

post-136-088039700 1294915771_thumb.jpg

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AS much as I like te look, we don't have a "weathered" Magma picture reference. Might want to add another coat of red and tray to keep the large black spots from bleeding through. Also, after it's fully dry, instead of clear coating use a automotive wax or Future shine on it. (I like FutureShine as it can be removed easier).



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I was I could draw/design, I'd so draw a lobster in armor. :lol:


ha i can see it now

People: why are you red?

You: I am the substitute mascot for red lobster...


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According to Splatum:


I'd say you'd be surprised but I know you wouldn't. If people can't distinguish Vader from a Blackhole Trooper then we could paint TK's pink and green and most of the general public would think we were power rangers. :6:



I was I could draw/design, I'd so draw a lobster in armor. :lol:




You do know that's Splattum's nickname, right? (And he had it before the armor! :teehee:

I still have yet to adequately pay you back for that. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


If I get the chance I'll armor up for a Red Lobster pic. With any luck they'll let me hold a lobster for it. hehe.


But I digress. I'm really looking forward to seeing this kit. I'd love it if we could get a picture of some red ABS and your painted armor together so we could see how well they color match.

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I thought that you needed to have a 'burnt' look to the armour with black bits showing? I can add more red if needed. Yeah I still have to do the 'insides' of the armour. I had tape on some wire holding it to a hook. Was going to polish it all up after the paint had been given the thumbs up. Nothing harder than trying to sand back polished plastic haha.


So is the consensus that I need more red layers?

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But it looks so cool burnt...Gahhhh. Looks like I better start sanding all the armour again and get ready to start painting again.....Sigh!!! More pics to come.

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Izzi, Crazas close your eyes... There is always the option of not submitting it for approval. You're already a TX afterall. That could be your "custom" armor if you really like the burnt look. Ok Iz, Crazas you can open your eyes again :teehee:

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