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Thomas DT (belgium)

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Hello dear deathtroopers !

I'm very fan of the deathtrooper and i decided to make the armor ;)

Actually i had painted the helmet, but know i look for the armor...

I know that we have 850armor works and jimmiroquai. I prefer the 850's armor (someone have pics ?) but i would know if we have prop maker in Europe ? With the same quality ?

Thanks for your answers !


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Welcome. As nanotek has said there is Armoryshop, 850 and Jim tripon u know of. Also Andrew Mcclary is making gel coated fibreglass. If u are after pics of 850 armour there are several build threads here by people with that armour. Good luck with build



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Hello deathbrother !

I post some pics to my following of my DT.

I've got a SE-14r, it is a 3d print but the details is very good, do you think that i must paint ?

And i have taked a Dr. Martens Talib for the boots.

I think i order later the undersuit to "Dark Closet", one of you recommand his work. Have you some opinion about ?

Thanks !

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Hello everyone !

I have order finally my undersuit to DarkSide Closet, and know i search for the glove.

Do you think that a leather glove is ok or it is better to take the glove with leather just for the 3 finger ? And wich vendor do you recommand ?

sorry for my english xS

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Hmm. Think I have seen some on Etsy. I am not a fan of bubble lenses as it distorts my view. I use a cut to shape welders mask from amazon. Shade 5. I found the curve of the mask worked well for the curve of my helmet 89526b8adbb0667e46e9d618c191b5a9.jpg



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Thanks for your answer, i would make a lenses like the movie but i have forget that it is not good for the vision xS thanks a lot ;)


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Hello everyone ! 
I have just received my e11D and gonna finish him [emoji4] But i have a question about the Gloves : Do you think that Higlander gloves works too for the DT ?

Not according to crl mate. 2d15900baf99feaa43745650845af170.png
Only thumb and forefinger are leather, however the highlanders middle finger is leatherafdf86c504bdc6aa618229a1f8b3d669.jpg
Here the two together for comparison
The endor finders gloves are really awesome and very comfy

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Hi Thomas. Is it the print lines u mean? If so then they need sanding, filling with a spray putty or body filler for deep gaps/grooves then more sanding. Repeat this over and over until lines gone and u have a smooth surface. Or possibly look at using xtc-3d, although I couldn’t eat along with that stuff

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Woodoo007 thanks for your answer and sorry to see that so late xS Finaly i wil change the barel and the e-11 style stock for a metal piece, besause somes 3D part are borken...

So if somebody know where i can find this parts in metal... default_biggrin.png


So after all of this time, actually :


11 january 2018 update


- Armor: ordered to 850armor


- Helmet[emoji3581]


- Bacclava[emoji3581]


- Scaner Monitor: must be painted


- Undersuit[emoji3581]


- Gloves Endor Finders[emoji3581]


- Boots [emoji3581]


- Pouches: handmade


- Holster: handmade


- E-11d: must be finished


- SE-14r[emoji3581]





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