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000 progress


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So I was wanting to do 000 for awhile. In my research of all available kits out there I was just too big. I am 6'2" and about 195 lbs, all the kits and everything I had seen out there were for people around 5'7" and 150 lbs and would've required too much work.


A few months back I bought a 3d printer and decided that now I could do it because I can properly size the parts to my body.


I started with the head just to see if I could properly do it right with all the sanding/filling. If I was able to get that too look good I would continue on.


Here is what I was able to do with the head. I thought it came out pretty good so I proceeded to print some more parts.



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After I was mostly satisfied with the head I started printing the rest. I plan on printing it all out and then finishing it. So far I have printed the chest, back, shoulders, arms, and part of the shorts. I still need to print all the greeblies that go with it. Here are some pictures of what I have so far.

Lots of finishing to do.

More to come...3da98e868f4148c8dab1f723b7e0ce58.jpg9ab39178127c983cceb89315666c68d6.jpgf519d105bc33ee083b25887008ceb1b8.jpgdd3a6afb3e2fd85c84a9a794658ddb4d.jpg5ddfac29175aeabeba6b96e445df8669.jpg

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I decided just to throw the chest and back on to make sure I scaled the parts correctly. Relatively happy with the result. If I had to do it over again I would shorten the shoulder to shoulder distance. Other than that I am happy with the neck to belly size and the width from belly to back.

Need to add the greeblies to the chest and back. Starting to print the greeblies for the arms and have to finish the shorts. After that it's onto the legs and feet. I would like to print it all out and the do all the filling and sanding.

I have been printing in PTEG if anyone way wondering.


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  • 1 month later...

So I have been making some decent progress. The back is almost ready for primer, just need to hit some more spots with the XTC3D.



Have a few more greeblies on the the chest to add then it will be ready for primer/XTC3D. Had a little accident with the neck ring on the chest. Dropped it right on the corner and took a chunk off, reprinted it and will add it back on.




Got the shorts printed but way more sanding to go.




The shoulders and shoulder rings are ready to go for primer/XTC3D.


I have both arms put together and have been adding the greeblies. Just have to put together the large arm greeblie (in the box in pieces).






Need to attach the chest pistons, but will do that either right before paint or after.


Got the hands started, printed out the hands, hand pistons (in pieces in the box) and have the fingers printing right now.





Making some good progress. Just have the lower half to print, thighs, calves, and feet. I think if all goes well I can be all ready and primed by the end of March. Tough to steal time here and there. The easiest part is printing, set it and forget it. I would love to have it completely done by May, that's my new goal with how well it's been going.

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Just plain awesome! [emoji106] (wish I had a printer..[emoji102]) 

Thanks! It's a blast. If you can swing it I highly recommend it.
Great progress!
Thanks, I am getting excited haha

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  • 1 month later...
Any more progress on this? [emoji41]
I do, I haven't been diligent updating my progress [emoji22]

I am gonna take some updated pictures this weekend [emoji4]. Thanks for checking in.

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OK so here is a rather large update of what I have. I am getting close to being done with all the printing. I just have the entire right leg, feet, and leg greeblies. After that the printing is all done. The all the laborious sanding takes place.

First things first, I got my custom helmet bag the other day. I think it looks pretty sweet.



I plan on repainting the helmet  as I have some orange peel going on.


So here is an overview of the large pieces. The shiny ones are the ones that have no post processing yet. I also just need to glue the last piece of the thigh on. I have purchased 2 different sanders, a DA Sander and a smaller mouse sander. These have helped immensely but there are some areas they can't reach so some hand sanding will still be required. The chest and back are almost ready for primer, just need to get the areas that need hand sanding done.


Here is a closeup of the left shin, front and back. They will go together with some piano type hinges.


Here is the left thigh. The top with the tape still needs to be glued on.


Next up is the shorts. Once i finish the thigh I can do a little test fit and see where the shorts need to be trimmed.


Just a close up view of the chest and back.


Close up views of the arms and shoulder/shoulder rings





Here is the large arm greeblies and the chest pistons.


Here is a Box-O-Fingers


Box-O-Arm greeblies in various states


The gloves I got. I will be gluing the fingers to the gloves once they are done.


Some electronics for the gloves. It has 4 discrete channels for sounds or sound clips. Thinking about recording some quotes relating to 000 that will be played based on what finger button I push. 


Here are the hand guards and hand pistons.


Here we have  some belly wire pistons.


I am going to try and stick to the comic book images and keep the wires gray and black. These black wires fir very nicely in those belly pistons.


Here is the rather large mat that i purchased for the belly. The belly wires will attach to it and it goes around my torso under the chest and back.



Some earring back that are used for the "nipple" greeblies. I took them off to make sanding easier. I had the 3rd one but lost it. No worries as I had to buy  50 of them haha



I was hoping to be done earlier than originally anticipated around June. But what I am realizing, especially laying everything out like this and seeing the sheer volume of parts, is that it is going to take a bit longer because of all the sanding. I would rather have it look good than rush it. I still think I can get it done by my original timeline of the end of November. There is a troop I do every year during Thanksgiving weekend that I am shooting for. If only I could take 3 weeks off from my job haha. I am still chugging away, just realizing that with all the post processing that needs to be done its gonna be awhile. The sanding is my limiting factor. Within the next 2 weeks I should be completely done with the printing. In the meantime I better get sanding!!! 

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That helmet bag looks awesome! I love the progress on this and seeing it come along. A lot more complex project then I'd ever dare to try to complete. I totally agree with the slow and steady method that you are aiming for, this is going to turn out great. ?

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Small update. I finished glueing the left leg together and just wanted to do a little test fit to see the lower half. It fits reasonably well. After putting it on I see why all these droids just shuffle along haha, very limited mobility. All in all I am very pleased so far. I started printing the right leg today. After that and the feet just a few greeblies left to print. Hopefully all printing will be done within 2 weeks.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Printer been humming along. Finished printing the right leg. Started printing the leg greeblies.

I printed the left foot cover to test it out. Looks good and I think it was a success! I had purchased some plain black canvas low top sneaker with a black sole. Pretty happy with the results. Will do the right foot cover. After that it think I finished all the parts that need printing and it will all be post processing at this point. Lots of sanding in my future haha

The second picture is the shoe cover on top of the shoe. More progress!!83b3f83c59bc5486c0312afbbf230fdb.jpg73653890520f6e6e308b1dee732f5c08.jpg

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Well today marks a monumental day for my build. The right shoe cover finished printing and I then printed the thigh "buttons". Those thigh buttons are the last things I needed to print. So I am done printing all of the pieces. There are so many pieces!!! Haha

It feels good to be done printing ting and now it's time to get the sanding into overdrive!

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Haha bet you are glad to be done printing!! Looks awesome!
Thanks! Well it's good and bad. Glad to have all the parts, but now the hard part with all the sanding haha

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9 hours ago, Allan1313 said:

Thanks! Well it's good and bad. Glad to have all the parts, but now the hard part with all the sanding haha

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Haha I've heard that using a 1-2 primer filler has been helpful to others in my garrison with the 3D prints.

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Haha I've heard that using a 1-2 primer filler has been helpful to others in my garrison with the 3D prints.
Yeah I kinda got a system of wood filler (believe it or not lol) for the seams and then epoxy. After that a whole bunch of sanding haha

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