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Does anyone make a Compad compliant with the updated Del Meeko CRL?

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I'm nearly done with my Del Meeko build but I can't find anywhere to get a compad.  I bought an LED one before the updates were posted and now it doesn't fit in the pocket of my flight suit.  I need to find somewhere to get one that meets the 2" x 2.5" requirements of the CRL.

Anyone got any ideas?

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I assumed from the lack of anyone jumping in to offer a solution that few if any exist.  So I made my own!

Actually, I took one off Thingiverse and rebuilt it at the new size requirements.  Hope it helps some others out there.

Now to find someone that can print it for me.


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I got a new resin printer a couple weeks ago and decided to make this my first project.  Here's an image from the game:spacer.png

and here's mine:


I printed a regular one and then one to house the LEDs from the lighted one that I bought.  I'll install those soon.

Perfectly sized and a perfect fit in the 2" x 2.5" pocket in my flight suit.



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i bought a printer a while back and printed a few commpads at .16 and I gotta say after making a bunch of resin pads, till my mold died, Im rather impressed. zero cleanup. I even printed a all pink pad for one of my Black Widows.  

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