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TL-50 3D Print Build

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So I'm in a bit of weapon mood right now, doing some upgrading on my armory. One of my favorite designs is the TL-50 as it appears in the new Battlefront games. I had printed one awhile ago, but decided to reprint using my new resin printer. But got kind of angry at the video game model while prepping it, so I decided to remodel it this past week.

So why remodel it? Call it lessons learned from my Jumptrooper blaster...

  • Individual parts that are easier to print, finish and assemble
  • Internal reinforcement to tie everything together
  • Export at higher resolution (smoother parts)

So here it is! Original model on top with my new model on the bottom. 65 unique parts, with 104 total parts in the assembly. All measurements were taken from the original models with a few small tweaks. The stock (highlighted in blue) is the only thing that is being used from the original model. Since the stock is so long it will need to be split and glued together, there will be seams to be filled/sanded. So since I'm sanding it anyway, it won't be too much more work to finish it. Also I'm a little burnt out from modelling right now... :P

Still a few things to clean up/verify and then I can start exporting the models. When I'm ready to release it, I'll post a link. :thumbsup:







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I got a lot of questions on my DLT 19 this weekend, and I can now say its "partially 3d printed".   I may need to add this to the armor wall.

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Hey thanks guys! Yep, I want to print it out myself just to verify everything works as intended. As I mentioned, this thing should come off my printer and be ready to glue together and paint (aside from the stock). After that I'll release the files for everyone. :thumbsup:

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So been busy prepping all the parts to 3D print them and been busy printing the last couple days. If everything comes out good, I should have all the parts printed this week. I also ran out and grabbed some aluminum stock for the internal reinforcements, they've all been cut and are ready for parts. So far all the parts have come out great! Little cleanup needed where the supports were, but not a huge deal there.






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Alright here's some progress pics! Finished printing everything and started assembling on Friday. Overall, everything has gone together great and with minimal effort. I've got a few things I want to tweak on some parts before I release the STLs. Anyway, I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking!















So all parts have been primed! I still need to look over the stock and see if it needs some more attention. Everything else looks great and is ready for paint! Still have to find a good grey/green for the stock. But I plan to paint everything this week and hopefully do the final assembly next weekend. :teehee:




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So just a little update before the weekend, everything is looking good on this blaster! As expected had a few spots to touch up on the stock and knocked those out last night. Just now got done painting everything!

If you look closely at reference pictures it looks like there's some texture on the whole blaster, so I tried to replicate that. If I were to do it again I'd probably hitwith some 400 grit just to knock it down. Also not 100% on board with the green I chose, might end up mixing up my own and repainting the stock.  Otherwise I should be doing the final assembly tomorrow night, painting the small details and maybe a little weathering too. :teehee:










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