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Vocoder - Inferno Squad helmet - CRL clarification

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I'm making my first costume (Inferno Squad - Del Meeko), and have a question clarifying this element of the Inferno Squad helmet CLR:

- "The vocoder is it's own separate greeblie with distinct tubes, not bumps molded into the helmet."

The build team I'm in contact with (CyberCrafting on Etsy) identified the potential issue themselves. The message from them:

"2. Vocoder - since we mold it with helmet itself it adds hours of work, but we can replace this part with some black tubes. But it will cost you additional +$150.
We have customers that applied to 501st with our Imperial Trooper helmets and vocoder on them are also just molded.
My advice - ask them about that part, maybe it`s ok like it is, so no need for another vocoder.
Here is photos of Inferno Tie Pilot, in case they ask"

Can anyone help clarify if they are distinct enough as is?

Thanks in advance!

(Please note, we are aware that the mohawk and hoseports needs to be painted the correct colors.)





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Hi Alex! First up, great choice of costume ?

Unfortunately, for even basic Level 1 clearance the CRL requires that the vocodor be a separate piece, not molded into the helmet.

Ultimately however, this decision will lie solely with your Garrison GML. We ourselves would have no say in this unless your GML requests our advice. So while it should not be possible to clear anymore with a molded vocoder, it is at your GML's discretion.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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One more thing to consider Alex, it's not a cheap hobby so you're doing a great job asking these questions now. If you haven't already paid upfront to the supplier you're already talking to, you've got 3 options:

1) Go ahead and pay the extra $150 to get them to complete the full helmet to CRL standard.

2) Ask if the supplier can simply provide the helmet without any vocodor molded on. With some cheap rubber tubing and some glue, it would be very easy to create one yourself.

3) Shop around with other suppliers, and you may find one who already includes a separate vocoder as standard, which may work out cheaper for you.

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Hello Alex, welcome to the forum! Please make sure to head over to our Spec Ops Recruits topic and say hello. 


I agree with Daniels advice above. Good luck on your build, and we look forward to your progress and eventual approval.

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Many thanks for your fast replies!

I have not paid anything or commited to the helmet. I've made a post in Recruits forum with a status on my suit, and immidiately got references to another helmet producer and other valuable info. So if anyone stumbles on this thread looking for Inferno helmet help, check out this post:


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