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Spec Ops Group Build


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Still need to see whats under the Christmas tree. Like a proper 32 year old child I told everyone I wanted the soft gear and other essentials (ie pauldron, boots, etc) for Christmas this year. Need to see what, if anything, they actually bought for me.

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Was watching the trooperbay helmet build on YouTube. It had me wanting to reach for an exact knife.. :P but too much going on with the holidays. Need to be patient! But we will definitely take pics and document it.

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The garrison has taken us graciously under their wings so that we build correctly for approval and get the answers we seek for the many questions we have, and in doing so, hooked us up with ABS ATA at a great price to get us rolling.


We had a big buildathon on Saturday which was fun. Had 4 sets of armor going and all hands on deck trimming and assembling it. The GML was there as well as 3 other 501st members, and then we had 4 newbies going (myself included), 2 TKs and 2 TXs (my brother had to work so he's a little behind now). Was a fun time.


Helmets are assembled. I did mine myself prior to our build-off cause I'm eager and impatient. Was pretty proud of the job I did on the ears personally, and was glad the GML didn't give me any grief about how it came out.


Toddo: What Gold paint should I be using for my stripping? Does any metallic gold work? I have Fridays off work and want to finish up my helmet, ie get lenses in and perhaps do my striping.

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Ok cool ... I was eyeballing that one. I actually have a lot of your (Jerry) images from your build saved in my reference folder. Is there a specific width dimension for the center stripe on the helmet?

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Testing night vision on the spec ops helm



Bought a mini me for inspiration. ($24 on ebay ... nice considering it averages $50+ after shipping everywhere else I've looked)



Bucket Stack




GML and a 501st Sandy showing the guys how to do their helmets (Mine was already done prior to showing up)





The new TKs showing off their newly assembled helmets



Chris (Shadow Trooper) and I (Nova Elite ... the guy in hat with weird face) were standing in that position for about 3 hours trimming our armor down.


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A trooper and his dags.



These were taken as I was deciding if I liked how everything was fitting. Decided I trimmed the brow too short so that got replaced with one that had the extra centimeter I felt I was missing :P





The wife in her leopard robe playing sims in my helmet



Seeing how it fits...


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Oh and for fun...


This was us at TK 82287's house checking out his gear prior to getting our own. Below is Chris trying out the helmet and wielding the hyperfirm dlt.



Me trying on the bucket


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Nice Work so far! Gorgeous dogs by the way! The stripe on my helmet is 1 5/8 inches wide. I used the space between the eyes as starting point and then simply adjusted it until I thought it looked right. The gold stripe on the side tubes is 1 1/2 inches, Again I adjusted them until I though they looked correct. Just a note: when you do spray them, mask off the helmet as "tight" as you can, I found that the overspray tends to find it's way though the smallest gap in the masking. When I first finished mine and removed all of the masking I had a fine coating of gold sparkles in spots... easy to clean off, but a pain. Can't wait to see yours finished!

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Once again, I agree wholeheartedly with Jerry. The gold wants to escape everywhere both through the masking, especially on the tubes, and as a fine mist of beautiful gold that will ruin your day.

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Fun pics. The only recommendation on your helmet that I would make is to replace the neck trim with the proper S-trim stuff. What you have is fine, but we like to see the fancy S stuff for Specialist applications ;) How do you keep the dog hair off your armor? My stuff always wants to be covered with it when I'm working on it.

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Yea GML mentioned the S seal for movie accuracy. That's an easy change. The other stuff was on hand for the temporary. And the dog hair answer is Wed have to vacuum every day to keep it all away ;p. The gear box I got should be good to keep the armor clean though... At least I hope. Otherwise I'll have to visit the car wash for a high pressure air blower frequently.

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