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Spec Ops Group Build


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Yep. I do every single troop.

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We are shooting to gear up for the first time on May 30th for the Phoenix Comicon. Setting a deadline to light a fire under our butts. I won't have my backpack done by then nor a blaster, but should be able to assemble everything else.

I keep thinking I may have to drive to Pheonix... If only for a day.

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Should have torso assembled this weekend. Things are coming together and it's exciting ... feels like the end is in sight!


In other news, discovered we (Dune Sea Garrison) have another Novatrooper ready to make his debut at Phoenix Comicon as well. We are gonna have a nice little squad walking around sporting the TX brand in Arizona very soon.

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a couple more pictures from this last weekend crunch. Have a few more things to finish up, but looking forward to getting out there for PCC this weekend.

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Update on our progress:


We crunched to get our costumes done so that we could make it out to PCC. We were literally still assembling things Saturday night so we could get out there Sunday. I still need to make my pack and get a pauldron, and we need to get our Star Wars blasters made.


We shamelessly spray painted some nerf guns so that we weren't walking around without any blasters. But hey, Spec Ops guys have access to all kinds of prototype guns right? :P


It was a blast. We met up with Tim (The novatrooper with the pauldron) for the first time as this weekend was his debut weekend as well. He actually got his Legion acceptance this weekend too which is awesome.


We have a couple things we have to fix still so we can submit our pictures, but looking forward to legitimately getting into the 501st. Feels like we are SO SO close.

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