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Spec Ops Group Build


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You guys look fantastic together, and I think is awesome that you fellows did this group build. I'm eager for you to get your hands on some legit blasters worthy of your costumes, perform your fixes, and get approved!

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YAS! loving it great job :) Thats awesome to have a group together. Dont forget to check out the Shadow Team program and Imperial Dragons program when you guys are approved :D





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Probably should have posted on here before this, but you guys all looked great and I hope your fixes are coming along. Keep us/me posted! We need to get you guys in and then we can form our shadow team!

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It's been a while since an update.


Ordered pauldron's a while back and have pretty much been waiting on that to arrive. Phoenix Comicon was a fun test run for us, and we've kind of took a break since the event waiting for the pauldrons to get made. Well those showed up today, so no excuses not to get things wrapped up. Gonna throw together my Novapack in the next few weeks and then take my approval pictures. Soon!



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I wanted to leave these here. I feel like this thread was a good narrative for the armor we built, and feel it's appropriate to show the 360 turn around shots and not just the action shots. I know those turn around pictures were really helpful for my build. Still have some things to improve/fix/adjust, and one day I'll have to get a movie accurate backpack if I ever want to go specialist, but for the time being it'll do.







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Thanks! I love those photos and I'm sure they will serve as superb reference not only for troopers' future builds, but also how to properly submit photos to GMLs.

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